Sunday, April 29, 2012

Quilt Me Club part 1

I received yesterday the enveloppe containing part 2  so it is time for me to reveal my finished blocks for part 1.

A cottage on a hill ...

And a flag... to let everybody know that this is quilter's territory!

And I must admit that I like  these blocks A LOT. Don't you think that the sheep deserved a wool body ?

Thank you Natalie for such a fun and beautiful project . I think that a three-month program is just perfect ;-)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

BOM Yoko Saito. Part 1

I have finished part 1 of this 6-month BOM by Yoko Saito and published in the Quiltmania issues in 2012.

The bird is in the tree.

Doors ready to be open for friends.

The street of houses where a dog  wants to play with the bird on the tree branch.

This is the finished block of this first part of the BOM.


As always it was a real pleasure to stitch, appliqué, reverse-appliqué and embroider.

Until later,

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Quiltshow "Pour l'Amour Du Fil" (6)

For this last post about the quiltshow in Nantes I will show you pictures taken during the three classes. Three different atmospheres, three different designers from three different countries...

The class with Reiko Kato was a one-day class. It wasn't new for me as I had already taken two classes with Reiko. This sewing box was a challenge though! I managed to make half of the roof in class and to do the appliqués on one side. It shouldn't take long to finish it.

I started with this...

... and will (hopefully) finish with this ;-)

The details are really charming... even the inside of the box is beautiful and perfectly finished.

With Maggie Bonanomi, I made the peapod pincushion. What a lovely project!  It was a fun and relaxed class with a lot of talking and stitching. And at the end of the class, the project was finished. Unfortunately, I didn't take many photos while in class...

Finally, the class with Kathy Doughty.

The first thing I will put to practise now is the use of a design wall to audition the fabrics.

Then, I will also consider the fabric itself as well as  all the possibilities of fussy cutting for achieving different effects... again the design wall is very useful to test.

This is one finished block Kathy brought. This one is quilted because we discussed the different quilting possibilities we have to consider before pressing the seam allowances to one side or the other.

Finally these are different blocks (not completely sewn) on the design wall made by the participants. 

My block is the one on the left in the last picture. I still need to sew the inner circle and the outer pieces.

To make these blocks, we had to pick up a fabric pack prepared by Kathy and each one of us had to audition their fabrics, choose which one will be used for a specific piece in the block and decide on a fussy cut to achieve a special effect. As you can see, I didn't pick a multicoloured pack!!!

In the last picture, you can see that a lady picked up the same fabric pack as me and we chose a totally different use of the fabrics for a totally different effect at the end.

As Kathy explained, there is no right or wrong, it is just something that is very personal.

One of the quilt in Kathy's book is called Soul Searching! Well, it says it all.

It was a wonderful class :-)

Until later,

Edit : April 24th 2012

I have just finished the block and wanted to share it with you ;-)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Quiltshow "Pour l'Amour Du Fil" (5)

Let's now go round the quiltshow.

The scarves and funny animals in the Selvedge booth caught my eye.

We could admire beautiful quilts when going upstairs.

 The incredible work of Misao Wada.

The tea cosies of Loani Prior .

Michelle Charvet's stunning boutis.

Beautiful quilts in Petra Prins's booth.

The delicate and poetic atmosphere of Aurelia from Dentelles Oxydées.

A beautiful embroidery.

That is not everything there was to see, of course...

I do hope that I have been able to give you an idea of what it was like.

Thank you very much Carol and Quiltmania for organizing such a show in France. I also want  to thank Isabelle, Christelle and Mathilde for their kindness and attention.

Next week, I'll show you photos of the classes I attended.

Until later,

Quiltshow "Pour l'Amour Du Fil" (4)

As promised, we are going to  Sydney, Australia to meet Brigitte Giblin and Kathy Doughty.

Be ready for a completely different universe... or so I thought... full of colours, light, sunshine!!! Life in full bloom.

I thought it was very different from the traditional quilts but there are so many things in common, too! The patterns are not so different. My natural attraction goes to antique quilts using neutral colors. I tend to prefer taupes, browns, faded blues and greys to any other colors. Yet, one of the first big quilt I made was Spring Garden by Liza Prior Lucy using Kaffe Fasset fabric collections. It was not a flashy quilt though! But Kathy Doughty's quilts attract my eye. I like them but I am afraid of using colors in my quilts. I am not creative at all. That's why I went to a class with Kathy. I have learnt a lot. But more about that in the post about the classes.
Enjoy these colourful quilts which are, as kathy says, a promise of joy!

Brigitte Giblin

Kathy Doughty

What a fascinating trip around the world! And visiting the houses was not everything you could see at the show.

... to be continued...