Sunday, November 28, 2010

A class in London.

I can hardly believe it's been a month since my last post!!! Time is flying...

From November 10th to November 15th, I was in London for a class with CA Wells but not only...

But let's start with the class as it is what might interest you most. This year I attended two half-day classes on Sunday. The projects were small but very challenging, especially the scissors rest. Indeed, this project taught me things I didn't know. The other projects used techniques I was already familiar with.
But I'm sure you'd like to see the pictures. There are a scissors rest, a name tag, a tri-block cushion and a pin cushion. Of course none were finished in class!!!

CA Wells's creations are very delicate and I have never been disappointed with one of her projects.

London is a city I love because of the atmosphere, the liveliness, the musicals, the architecture mixing modernity and traditions. It is for me a place full of inspiration... Its pubs, black cabs, red phone booths, double-deckers, shops... I like everything. Not to mention the museums which are free!!

Every time I'm London, I go to Emma Bridgewater's. I love EB's mugs!

This year, I discovered a part of London I didn't know well : Old Spitafield Market, Columbia Road among other things.

Want a closer look ?

A quilt shop on Columbia Road :


The wonderful windows of Fortnum and Mason with dimensional reproductions of paintings!

I also went by the Harry Potter World Premiere but didn't wait for the actors to arrive and visited the National Portrait Gallery instead.

I think I was right not to wait for film stars as the following day I had a very famous American actor and and a famous American singer a table away from me at a restaurant. When I told my two daughters about it, they were both "mad"!!!! "And you didn't even ask for an autograph" they told me! And I answered : "They didn't asked for mine either!!!" LOL.

Talking about food, it was great also. Here's a sample of the food I had. Yummy ;-)

Bye, bye England, I'll be back soon...

It's been a long time t but I did my best to be back with a long post. Hope you have liked sharing a part of my trip to London.

Until later with new quilt blocks and stitching projects,

Monday, November 1, 2010

Tea time

It's been raining for a long time and I thought that a lovely British tea time would be just perfect, don't you think ? So, I baked scones, got the jam I had in the fridge, replaced the clotted cream (which can't be found in France) by some butter... and enjoyed the moment with my wife.

The good news is that I have completly finished the pre-stitching for CA Wells's class. It's going to be really nice! All her projects are very elegant. I'll show them to you as soon as they are finished.

So, now I will resume piecing the last blocks of the Mystery Quilt. Two more to go and I can start piecing the top together. I must hurry as the fall break is almost over and I'll be very busy at work until Christmas and therefore will not have as much time for stitching and quilting...unless I sleep 4 hours a night!!!! But there's this voice in my mind repeating "Don't even think about it!" ;-)

Until later,