Monday, November 25, 2013

a few finishes!! Finally...

 Sorry to have been away from my blog for such a long time. My life has been all upside down lately. That has kept me away from my needles and therefore I had nothing -quilting or stitching-related- to share.

From every hardship in life, there are always many beautiful things that come along. In this case my family and friends, living nearby or far away, have been awesome. This is such a relief to see so much humanity all around you. It helps you stay strong to help those who needs you in a difficult time.

Life goes on and I can assure you that I will not lose a single minute of it! There is so much to do, so much to share...

So let's start with the Stitch Me Club 2013 project! What I can say is that I absolutely LOVE Natalie's  (L'Atelier Perdu) designs. There are a bliss to stitch and finish.

Well, here are the photos, judge by yourself ;-)



So what do you think ? Isn't it the cutest project ?

Last week, I also managed to do some appliqué with  block 2 of  Reiko Kato's mystery quilt published in Quiltmania in 2013.
I think that Reiko's creations are full of charm. It is a pleasure to work with these tiny pieces of fabric.


I am now working on Reiko Kato and Yoko Saito mystery quilts at the same time! It seems I cannot work on one single project at a time! But I keep working on one block at a time and finish it before starting another one from a different project ;-)

Finally, from the book Quilt And Dog Cottage by Véronique Réquéna from Born To Quilt ( a great book BTW ), I made this scarf for my wife. It is not difficult to make and the result is really nice. My wife loves it and had it around her neck to go see my two daughters' concert on Saturday evening. It was the fall concert of the orchestra they play in. Emma is a flutist and Louise a clarinetist. Louise also plays the piano and the guitar but not with the orchestra. The girls were happy to see their mum being able to go out and feeling well. So was I!


I have received several quilting books since last summer. Moreover a copy of Kinfolk Table is now here so how about a books review for my next post ?

Well, it's good to be back and  keep the thread that connects us through this blog alive ;-)

Until later,