Sunday, May 22, 2016

Nantes 2016. Final post.

The quilt show was, this year again, fantastic. There are many more things I could have shared with you.

 If my photos were not  blurred, I would have shared the Mountmellick exhibition. There were so many different versions of the same quilt.  I paid special attention to the handquilting for inspiration.

I was happy to meet Di Ford this year again. My Mountmellick is now finished and waiting its turn to be quilted. I will now start Pendlehill and why not attend a class with Di next year?

I could have showed you the extraodinary boutis of Kumiko Geraerts if I had taken enough photos for a good report. But I am sure that if you browse the net, you will find photos.

Odille Bailloeul "Sourisville" exhibition was extraordinary too!

Brian Haggard's universe is very special and though I am not sensible to all his creations there were a few that I found really special.

It took me time to publish these few posts because I have spent all my (little) spare time quilting... which is a good thing as several projects are now almost finished!!

Last but not least, there is one corner in the quiltshow which sums up the atmosphere there : "Le coin des Blogueuses" / "The Boggers corner". Not only can you see different projects from the magazine but you can also meet different quilters, see works in progress and have a little chat.


It was another FANTASTIC edition! Thank you Quiltmania for this show. Thank you to all the artists who were available to talk and share their passion with us.

Thank you to all my FB quilting friends whom I have met and some for the first time, and those whom I spent time with, those with whom I went to the restaurant. It was so fun!!!

You have all contributed to a wonderful time in Nantes!!

Hope to go back next year but that will require some organization for me as it will not be during my holidays.

Until next time,

Nantes 2016. Yoko Saito

The Japanese quilters are very special in the quilting world. Yoko Saito is one of them. I have always admired her work and her quilts have always been very inspiring for me. I had not seen Yoko Saito's quilts in real for a few years but as soon as I entered her booth, I was speechless and the feeling can be overwhelming. Her work is beyond words... I am not sure if one can really understand what I mean if you have not seen Yoko Saito's quilts in the flesh.

I was more than lucky to attend two classes with her. It was not my first class with Yoko Saito but I always learn something new and I think I could spend hours, days and years watching her handsewing. It is really impressive! She is a quilt master and if I were living in Tokyo, I would apply to become one of her students. Two 3-hour classes is way too short! But who knows, I may have the opportunity to attend a several-day course in the future???  Dreams sometimes come true ;-)

Admire the photos which are all mixed up as I kept going to the exhibition and could not stop admiring and photographing the quilts several times.


 Until next post,