Nantes 2016. Brigitte Giblin and Margaret Sampson George

In Nantes, I love meeting quilters in their "house" and admiring the quilts from their books. Brigitte Giblin and Margaret Sampson George had a "house" each and their quilts were like a fresh breeze in the quilting world. Their approach of quilting is very interesting and I really recommend their books. They are filled of information about the quilts, their stories and, especially, in Margaret Sampson George's book, the creative process behind each quilt.

I was very lucky to attend one of MSG class and learnt so much.

Enjoy the photos and the details,

Brigitte Giblin :

Margaret Sampson George


  1. They truly have a style of their own. And such sweet colors.

  2. I have been to a couple of weekend workshops with Marg Sampson and she fills your head until it spins. Her fabric choices/cuts are amazing.

  3. I have also had a class with Brigit Giblin and made one of her hexagon purses.

  4. Thank you so much for your posts and all the pictures. It's such a treat since I'll never see these in person. I live in Texas and so admire quilters from around the world. I love seeing your work and your thoughtful process. You inspire my creativity!

  5. Bright colours ! I love Margaret's appliqués, some remind me of one of my favourite quilts by Carolyn Konig. Just love this kind of antique quilts :-)


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