Sunday, March 29, 2015

I could have...

I could have waited for when I have more time...

I could have waited for my retirement...

I could have...

But because I could not afford to buy a quilt - I mean a beautiful handpieced and handquilted quilt- that I would have loved to have in my home, I decided, many years ago, that I would learn to quilt, that I would make my own quilts. I did start stitching samplers too! Why would limit myself to only one art form? Samplers would look nice on my walls too, wouldn't they?

I have learnt so much since that time. With each new quilt, with each new stitch, with each new fabric, there is something to learn.

It is also true with this quilt! Indeed, this time, I have learnt to do Broderie Perse but not only that! I've learnt to be patient, to enjoy every stitch. I have learnt to  try not to keep thinking about the finished quilt but just the next piece and .... without even thinking of making significant progress, just because I was just thinking of finishing the next border, the next block, it has come along nicely, quickly, magicallly.

 I am using the fabrics from the kit, which means that this quilt will not be unique...well, in fact, that is what most people think. But I completely disagree! Why is that so, you might ask? Well, this quilt is UNIQUE to ME. I may have used the same fabrics but it is pieced by my hands, each stitch bears so much than thread holding fabrics together. I holds my feelings, my thoughts and lots of meditative time in it and so much more.

Just look at the details... can you see that it's just a bit more than just stitching fabric together.



And once, the quilt top is complete, there will be the handquilting process which will turn a beautiful top into a unique quilt... to me.

So guess what?

I am happy that I have not waited to be retired to start doing something... I may not have started  anything at all  ;-)

And last but not least, quilting involves a lot of sharing time via social networks as well as in real life. It creates a kind of bond with like-minded people and it makes the world a smaller and better place :-) And just that makes me happy!

Just in case (but I doubt it) someone does know what pattern it is, this is the Di Ford Mystery Quilt that was published in Quiltmania in 2014.

Until later,