Saturday, November 19, 2011

Simply Vintage : the new country and folk art magazine published in France

This brand new magazine, published by Quiltmania, has absolutely everything I could have dreamt of. I LOVE it. It is filled with country projects that make your fingers ache. You immediately feel an urgent need to make every single project. And it has the most wonderful photography.

What's more...

Well, many things but I want to let you discover it by yourself.

Behind this magazine, there are Carol Veillon from Quiltmania and Marie-Claude Iperti. Most of you know them both and I have talked a lot with Marie-Claude in different quiltshows. She is an attentive, kind and very generous person. I can assure you that the magazine reflects her personality.

So I have only two words : congratulations and thank you for this magazine.

You can see photos of inside pages here, and here or there. Enjoy :-))

Until later,

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Butternut House Sewing Case

You wanted to see it finished! Here it is...

The idea of covering this sewing case comes from a Japanese magazine (Quilt Tshushin 156. June 2010) and because I don't have this magazine and also because I wanted a country design for my sewing case, I chose this design by Maggie Bonanomi and adapted it for this project.

The front.

The back.


I cannot leave you without showing you a close-up.

I like this small sewing case a lot and it was so fun to make... It is the perfect project for making a very personal sewing case.

Do you like it too ?

Until later,

Edit Nov 16, 2011 : I forgot to tell you in the "how to" explanation in the comment section... I used a curved needle. Without a curved needle, I think it is more difficult to achieve a good result.

Info for my French readers : I received The Quiltmania catalogue with my magazine this morning and the book "With These Hands" by Maggie Bonanomi is going to be available in French. The Butternut House design comes from this book ;-)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Jackie Du Plessis has done it again!!! She has offered the opportunity to attend one of her classes online with The Shining Needle Society.

For me, it is perfect. I live in France and cannot go to a class in the US. And when I do go to the US, it is to see my friends. The occasion to attend a class at the same time has never occured.

Moreover, with a busy schedule and an active professional life, the online classes give me the opportunity to work on the project at my own pace.

The project I'm working on is called Thistlewood and it is gorgeous. I wanted to show you the stitching part finished. I love it :-))

I think I will have a new "antique of the future" added to my collection soon ;-)

A short post today, as the Butternut House appliqué is asking to be attached to the sewing case... and I have understood that some of you are looking forward to seeing this project finished ;-)

Until later,