Saturday, May 24, 2014

The last block is quilted!

The last block is finally quilted.

For the four corners squares, I had drawn a beautiful feather crown. It was beautiful on paper and I was sure it would be great but....

.... once quilted, it wasn't  looking so great. The feathers were not really visible.

So guess what I did ?

Well, you got it!!! I unquilted that part and I can assure you it takes more time to unpick the small stitches than to actually quilt them.

I decided on something which is very simple compared to my first idea  but it is perfect for the block and sometimes simplicity is what is best.

Anyway, here is the photo of this last block.


I will now quilt the small and large borders. The quilting will be simple again so it only complements the whole quilting  in the blocks which is the main focus. Well, this is what I would like to achieve though...

It is almost the end of the school year for me. It's been a complicated and difficult year here and I am happy to be able to relax soon and gain some needed energy again.

I do hope it will not take too long before I can post  photos of the completely finished quilt.

Until later,