Friday, February 18, 2011

"Poetry...with needle and thread" and bloganniversary.

I finished this quilt with a saying of my own, though I must admit I am not very creative!!! But I like it :-)

Here is block 12 of the MQ from Born To Quilt. I still need to sew the block to the top and to find the right fabric for the surrounding borders.

Do you remember that I had started this quilt with a saying from Maggie Bonanomi's book With These Hands.

I'll show you the entire quilt again when the borders are sewn.

Last week I received this book and I think it is great. As I am about to resume piecing my Ciwil War tribute BOM quilt, it is truly motivating. There are many simple and charming quilts and accessories.

Can you believe my blog will be one year old on Feb 21st? Sharing my passion for needle and thread with you has been a true pleasure.
To celebrate, I will do a giveaway. I will offer three Blackbird Designs charts. To enter the draw, leave a comment on this post. You can participate wherever you are on the globe.
The first name drawn will choose the chart among the three, the second among the two remaining charts and the third name drawn will get the last chart.
I will pick up the names on March 6th.

Why so late??? just because I'm going to London for work next week and as soon as I'm back I will be off with my family for a week on the Mediterranean coast : relaxing, hiking and stitching are on the program along with lots of seafood ;-)

Until later,

Friday, February 4, 2011

Update!!! Decision on the MQ

First of all, I'd like to thank you all.

While reading your comments, I smiled as everything you said had come to my mind at one point or another! Like most of you, I think that the bunny on the left would have been a good solution!

Yet, I like the bottom row big cottage when it is in the middle (like some of you).

A few others dared to say more or less directly : "Well, David!!!! Rip it out and do it again!" That cracked me up!!! I couldn't resolve to do it again... and that's why I didn't mention this possibility but I am happy you did talk about it in the comments.

So after much thinking, smiling when reading your comments and feeling support and enthusiasm from such a nice community of quilters and stitchers, I unpicked and stitched the third row again until very late at night...

And guess what!!! I'm glad I did ;-)

What's more ? I am also very happy that a year ago, I started this blog and, since then, have met nice, sincere and helpful people that makes me feel being part of this thread and needle community.
Thank you VERY MUCH ;-)))
Until later,

My mistake on the Mystery Quilt

Though I haven't stitched the last block, I started piecing all the blocks together into rows. I even stitched the two middle rows with the sashing band in between.

I was so happy that I laid out all the bands on the floor so I can have an idea of what the quilt is going to be like!!!
That's when I realized that in row three I inadvertently switched the two cottage blocks! The Christmas cottage block should be in the middle and the other one on the right.
So I have two big cottages in the middle of the quilt, one under the other and there a third one in row four!!

The last block of the MQ of Born To Quilt is going to be this one :

I haven't stitched it yet!

It should go on the last row, on the right.

Because of my mistake, I am wondering if I shouldn't put the last block on the left and appliqué the mirror image of the rabbit and bird.

Right now, I just don't know what to do! I will piece the two last sashing bands (between row 1 and 2 and between row 3 and 4) before deciding.

Woud you like to help me reach a final decision ? Let me know where you would put the last block. Thank you very much in advance ;-)

I wish you all a wonderful weekend,
Until later,