Saturday, April 30, 2011

Back from the west coast...

Nantes is not far from the coast. So we had decided to stay on the coast for the week. Going to Nantes was easy and my family could enjoy the beach while I was at the classes with Shizuko Kuroha and Yoko Saito. My wife and daughter came to the quilt show with me on Thursday and my daughter even took a class!

But I will tell you (a lot) more about the classes and the quilt show in the next few posts...

For now, I wanted to share with you, through the lense of my camera and through my eye, images of the west coast near Nantes : the ocean, Pornic, Guérande, Island of Noirmoutier, Le Croisic.

Enjoy the tour...

To relax, run, read and quilt, we had find the most beautiful place!!! Opposite the house was the path to the beach. It was a wonderful week.

Until later,

Thursday, April 21, 2011

In a few days...

Yes, it's almost here!! Only a few days, and I will be in class with Shizuko Kuroha and Yoko Saito. I have been wishing to do a class with them for many years.

I know that I will learn a lot from these two master quilters. And the Japanese techniques really impress me.

My suitcase is packed.

It will not only be the classes and the quiltshow but also a family week on the coast not far from Nantes. It is going to be a great week : family time, seafood, relaxing, reading, running, quilting and stitching...well, heaven on earth... and the ocean in front of me.

Tomorrow, I still need to pack my stitching and quilting stuff... I have a list ;-)

In the little time I had left this past week, I started sewing this :

It's going to be a lovely pouch. Do you recognize which designer it is from ?

I'm sure you know! But in case you don't, here are a few clues :

1. I started stitching another project from her that I talked about in the blog not a long time ago. I will have it with me on vaccation to finish stitching it.

2. I stitched a project from her last year that I photographed with a small branch of my blooming cherry tree.

Well,... if you haven't found (which I doubt), just wait as you will see both project finished before the end of May ;-)

Oops, I forgot... You may want to see the two projects I will work on in class ?

Here there are (both photos from Quiltmania) :

Shizuko Kuroha and her antique indigos

Yoko Saito's lovely basket.

Edit (22/04/2011)
I forgot to mention who else will be at the quilt show! I will be very happy to meet Linda Jenkins and Becky Goldsmih (Piece O' Cake Designs), the Australian quilter Lynette Anderson, Jan Patek, Bonnie Sullivan, El Feteris (Bobbin), Cécile Franconie (Facile Cécile), and Béatrice Meilhac with whom I made my first hooked rug last year. And there will also be plenty others I will discover ;-)
Until later,

Thursday, April 14, 2011

lucky winner

A few weeks ago, Merumo, who is Japanese and lives in the USA, organized a giveaway based on the help given to Japan.

I wasn't a winner in the first draw but was one of "the second chance" draw!! I was so happy.

Happy to have been able to contribute to the help to Japan a second time.

Happy to be a winner.

Happy to receive something made by Merumo that will remind me of the solidarity to Japan throughout the world.

And it also made my wife happy. Why ? Well, she told me that now there is no reason for my needles to be left anywhere in the house ;-) I have a place to store them!

Don't you just love her choice of fabrics ? I do! Thank you very much Merumo ;-)

And thanks to all for your comments in my previous posts and for your continuing support.

Until later,

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I've just received an Award for my blog from Nat. Thank you very much.

The rule is to put the logo of the Award on your blog, thank the person who gave it to you, include the link to his/her blog, list 7 characteristics of your personality, name 7 more blogs along with their links, and notify the people involved.
(I borrowed this translation from Jill).

So here it goes :

  • I want my finishes to be perfect and can unpick if I am not happy with.
  • I am unbearable if I don't do sports for at least 6 hours a week.
  • I think that the beauty of handmade creations are like poetry, it makes life beautiful.
  • I always look forward to the next vacation time for having plenty of time for my needles and threads but I am always more productive when I am not on vacation and when I am very busy!
  • I don't care about productivity...
  • I love travelling and love my home sweet home.
  • I am addicted to many blogs because they have opened up the possibility of creation and handmade things to me.
It is very diffcult to just give this award to only seven blogs. So I have decided to choose only "needle and threads" related blogs and blogs that have really inspired me in one way or another.

The award goes to :



Coté Passions



Simply Patchwork

Quilting with the past

Enjoy the visit.

Until later,

Monday, April 11, 2011

couldn't stop...

...with one binding!!!

I had another quilt which had been waiting for the binding. So I decided it was (finally) time.

I made this quilt a few years ago...

... and added the large brown borders last year. I paper-pieced the quilt so I thought that I could have it machine quilted. Nathalie did a wonderful job.

And the quilt has already found its place in the house ;-)

Until later,

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The binding is on...

The quilt for Japan is now ready to go far, far away. I tied knots at each corner.

I put the binding on.

I stitched a label at the back with my name and the dates when it was stitched.

And in two weeks' time, I will bring it with me to the Quiltmania quilt show in Nantes where quilts will be collected before being send to Japan. I wish that it will comfort the child who will receive it.

Until later,

Saturday, April 2, 2011

In full bloom

It has been a busy week, to say the least!!! Not a lot of sleep and not a minute for my needle and threads.

Meanwhile, my garden is awakening after a long winter and the cherry tree is in full bloom.

Flowers are also blooming on my Lady Jane's Garden project. Here is the first one I stitched last week.

More are blooming and I will post a photo of them when all the pieces of linen are in full bloom, too.
Stitching these flowers is pure bliss :-))

Until later,