Sunday, December 23, 2012

Stitch Me Club : the top is finished.

Happy Dance!!!!

I have finally finished the top of the Quilt Me Club  project. I LOVE it!!! It was so  fun to make... and challenging too as both pieced and appliqué blocks had many tiny pieces!

Thank you very much Natalie for creating such wonderful projects.



( 83x48 cm / 33x20 in )

 Now that the top is finished, the quilting will begin.

I will also resume working on the Stitch Me Club poject : Patches of Life sampler. I stitch it just like Natalie : tent stitch on 40 ct.

Merry Christmas to you all, it is such a special time ;-)

Until later,

Monday, December 17, 2012

My quilts made from Yoko Saito's designs

It's working!!!! Resizing the photos has made uploading a breeze ;-) Thanks a lot for your help.

I wanted to share these quilted objects with you. You've seen them before but I love them so much that I cannot resist posting the photos again.

The banner you can see at the top was my first Yoko Saito quilt. I used a thick cotton batting and was wrong. A thinner polyester batting would have been better. Lesson learned!

The pencil case and sewing case were both fun to make. I  learned to sew a zipper with these two projects. I love hand work!!! (I also enjoy working with my sewing machine, too)

As for the basket, I started it in class with Yoko. I must admit that I am very proud of it. This basket is even more beautiful in real. I have loved making the appliqué et quilting it. I turned ideas over in my mind several times before deciding how to make the lines on the inside fabric match perfectly.
This is the kind of projects that make you think that the sky is the limit!

I am trying to master the Japanese techniques. I feel comfortable with appliqué and quilting but I am still clumsy with the hand-piecing technique. But I am patient and willing...

For now, I work at finishing the top of a beautiful little quilt created by Nataliejo from l'Atelier Perdu. I will attach the different pieces of the top of the Quilt Me Club quilt (link on the right) this week and prepare a post about it ;-)
Not sure I will be able to post before Christmas but will as soon as I can.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas with mulled wine, cinnamon cookies and other seasonal pleasures ;-)

Until later,

Tradition with a twist : your opinion ?

Happy to have finally been able to upload one photo! I picked up this one because these days I am using all of Yoko Saito's techniques to finish the Quilt ME Club project.

I love trying new things and techniques but for appliqué, I prefer hand appliqué above any other techniques and I love to appliqué small bias strips using Yoko's techniques.

I can now also appliqué both tiny and big pieces without any shifting at all (which was my problem with big pieces).

Thanks to the class with Yoko Saito and also to the books with step by step photos, I am ready to tackle the Japanese projects that make me dream.

But back to the title  and the traditions in my family. For Christmas's eve, all my family members who are not in their in-laws' come over to my place. We spend the evening together around a nice meal with oysters and seafood as a starter, pan-sautéed scallops and vegetables as a main dish, cheese and dessert. We usually start dinner at 9:00 pm when we are back from mass.
On Christmas day, we go to my brother-in-law and spend the day with all my in-laws. We usually have foie gras, oysters again, roasted turkey with different vegetables, crepes and different other desserts. All the cousins are together and it's usually a fun day.

In my family, New Year's eve is always spent with very close friends. This year is no exception! This is a very late dinner and it often lasts till morning. The tradition with my friends is that each couple buys one inexpensive little present for one  couple. We number the presents and during the night we draw the numbers to know who got what. It's always fun. This is where I'd like your opinion!!! This year, I have another idea! I'd like that each couple buys a paperback edition of a book he has particularly liked and would like his friends to discover. Tradition respected...with a twist ;-) What do you think ?

We will gather this week to decide on the dishes so I will tell them my idea.

Well, if you have read so far, I'd like your advice about something regarding my blog.
Blogger doesn't allow me to post more photos on the free contract. They asked me to buy some storage space which I am willing to do but the only means is to make an unlimited subscription and pay month by month. I don't like that and I usually prefer paying once for the entire year.
Another solution is to create a new blog but I like my blog and don't want to get rid of it. If you've been through the same problem, I'd really appreciate if you could tell me what you think is best to do ?

Thanks a lot ;-)

I am looking forward to solving this little problem because I would like to share with you my Quilt Me Club quilt.

Until Later,