Friday, September 26, 2014

Peapod Pinkeep by Maggie Bonanomi.

It's been such a long time... I am not sure there will still be someone around to read this post... anyway....
I do not like to post only to recommend a product but this time it is different. You've read the title already so you probably know what I am going to talk about.

A while ago, I chose, for my blog banner, the Peapod Pinkeep I made in class with Maggie Bonanomi in Nantes, France. I liked both the projects and the photo I took of it and thought it would be great for my blog banner.

Since it was posted, I have received so many emails about it!!!! I really mean A LOT of emails!!!! I have tried to reply to all of them and explained each time that Maggie Bonanomi was the designer and that the best way to have a pattern was to contact her.

I don't know whether you did it but I did!!! That's when she told me that the pattern would be in her next book... and her book has just been released :-) It is entitled Thistle Down Moon and if you want to see sample pages of the book you can go there.

In the book the pinkeep is called Sweet Velvet Peapod Pinkeep. Isn't it the most perfect name for this project?  I am sure that there will be many of them around the world :-)

You might also guess, what I have been doing all this time. Well a lot... but not much time was spent working on my projects. So give me some more time and I will be able to share stitched and quilted projects ;-)

Until later,