Monday, October 6, 2014

Quilting news.

I never thought I would be blogging again about some projects as I have not stitched much all summer.

Fortunately, I was productive in early July and stitched the first part of Di Ford's Mystery Quilt. You probably know, by now, how much I love discovering and trying my hand at new techniques. That is why I could not resist trying Broderie Perse. I really enjoyed it!

Moreover, with this project, I am learning to look at fabric differently, in a more creative way.


The rest of the summer was spent with my wife and two daughters. I wanted to enjoy every moment as I knew that my oldest daughter was going to move to Aix en Provence for her studies and my youngest one was going to Portland, Oregon to spend the school year there.
I can tell you that it feels really strange to be empty nesters!!

Autumn is just round the corner, but it  is still quite warm and sunny so we enjoy lunches on the terrasse with flowers from my mum's garden and a good rosé wine for a taste of summer and Provence.


But, I can hear you... that's not quilting news!!!!

You're right, so here's some more quilting news : I have started Natalie's Quilted Basket. You knew I was going to stitch it as the project is in my side bar, but time flies and  the project was still in the enveloppe waiting for me to be ready!!
Well, I have started it, and as always with Natalie's projects, I love the result. I have not been very creative with my fabric choice and have used the color palette Natalie had suggested. But it is still fun to make a mess in the fabric stash to find the right piece of fabric to get some kind of harmony.


Now, I have to tell you something. I have wondered for quite a while whether I would go on publishing on the blog. Why is that? Well, I just didn't feel like sharing all my projects and I must also admit I am quite ashamed at all the WIPs I have with very little finishes lately.
Yet, I was missing the special relationship I have created with many readers through this blog. Blogs have opened up the quilting world to me, made me discover many designers, taught me how to do special techniques, so I thought it might also be the same for some of my readers. So I have decided to keep on writing it, at my own pace, when I feel like it. You might find some periods with many posts and others relatively calm.

I will now concentrate on finishing certain projects. Some of them do not require much time... so I'd better not let myself be tempted with starting something new again!!

Until later,