Sunday, September 29, 2013

Playing with Japanese fabrics and a visit from far away friends.

As you know, I have way too many WIPs but this is impossible for me to stick to just one project. I do make significant progress on each one though, thanks to my last year's resolution.

Lately, I have cleaned up my sewing room and have arranged my fabrics by style (Japanese, country, repro...) and by colour. That made me realize I had quite a big stash of Japanese fabrics.

So, inspired by the Farmer's Wife Quilt made by Sakae from Pink Caramel, I have started making blocks using my Japanese fabrics. It is going to be a long journey as I make only one or two blocks a week, but that's what I like with this project.

Not only  am I learning more about Japnese fabrics and how to use them, I am also using Marti Michell's templates and Nat's (from Les Ouvrages de Nat)  tutorials. This means I am piecing the blocks by machine which is quite unusual for me but this is the perfect exercice to get better and better at it.

This is my favoutite block so far :

And here are the other blocks I made :


Last weekend, I had friends from Portland who came over. What a great weekend it was! We talked and talked, had great food and wine, went to the farmer's market and we even visited Toulouse on Sunday afternoon.

Thanks Dean, Laura, Collin and Rachel for coming over. I'll see you again in Portland, hopefully soon ;-)

That made me realize that I should try to go to Toulouse with a tourist eye more often. I took pictures and thought it would be nice to share them with you, mainly for my overseas readers who don't know my little corner of France.

 Toulouse's city hall, streets, buildings and river banks :

Can you see why it is called "La ville Rose" (the pink city) ?

Finally, I also wanted to share with you a new dish I tried a few weeks ago. It was a quinoa salad with grapefruit and mint leaves,   pan-sautéed prawns (lightly "breaded" with quinoa flakes) . Healthy, light and so yummy..... I served it with some ratatouille made with our garden's vegetables. Give it a try...

I should be back very soon with my Stitched Me Club project completely finished ;-) and some quilt book reviews.

Now that back-to-school rush is over, I will probably post more regularly.

Until later,