Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tend Thy Sheep update

Here is a quick update of the project I am stitching through Merry Cox's online class. It is so delightful to stitch. Merry gives us many very helpful tips to create this simple beauty. I love it and the poor quality of my photos do not make the piece any justice. Trust me, it is very fine and delicate and has the charm I love in stitched pieces...

There are still two accessories to stitch : a pincushion and a needlebook. I could start stitching them but I prefer to wait for the last lesson to be posted so I can use all the tips and improve my stitching ;-)

Until later,

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Block 11

Real flower... flowers on fabric... what is this block going to be ????

A bird and a star.... Cotton and wool...

A heart!!! Of course!! Ah those lovely buttons....

And a stitched heart too!! There's never too much love, is there? It looks like another cottage!!! With such a sign it can only be a quilter's cottage ;-)

Yes, a cottage!

Here is Block 11.

I like the bird's house very much.

For those who have missed the previous posts about this quilt, it is the latest Mystery Quilt by Born To Quilt.

Have a wonderful week,

Until later,

Friday, January 7, 2011

A year of classes.

2011 is here and is going to be a year of classes for me. It started with the arrival of this parcel in my mailbox.

It comes from the USA and there's a little note signed by Merry!!! What better way to start 2011.

What does she say ? Want to see more ?

"Thank you for joining my online class".

You're welcome Merry, but the pleasure is for me! Stitching your beautiful creations is the best thing that can happen to start this new year!!!

But what is this project ? Do you want to know ?

"Tend Thy Sheep". That's sounds great!!!! But I'd like to see the project now!!!!

Wow!!! And there's a gorgeous glove box, too!!!! Let's unpack everything now!! I can't wait anymore!

That's great but I'd like a better look at the box!!!!!

Here you go!!!!

Yes, I know! I love it too ;-)

So, now, I just have to unpack the kit and start stitching ;-)

Isn't it a great way to start 2011 ?

But why a year of classes?????

Well, because Merry Cox's online class with Shining Needle Society is not the only one I will do this year! I will also do an online class with Jackie Du Plessis in March! The project is called "Lady Jane's Garden".

That's for the online classes. And I think they are great because wherever you live on the globe you can attend a class from your favourite designers! But I also like face to face classes. So, I think I will attend another class with CA Wells in November in London. The classes are organized by Susan from "Hanging By A Thread". I'm still waiting for the official announcement of the project!!! But it should be great as far as I know ;-)

What about quilting???? Well, I will attend two face-to-face quilting classes in April at the Quiltmania quilt show in Nantes! I will do a one day class with Shizuko Kuroha and a one day class with Yoko Saito. Two days with these two Japanese master quilters is a dream that will come true and I still can't believe it!!!! I'm so looking forward to it...

It should be a wonderful year, don't you think?

Now, my quilting updates!! Block 11 from the Mystery Quilt by Born To Quilt is almost finished!!!! I think I'll be able to post about it before the end of the weekend. So stay tuned ;-)

To start this new year, I also want to thank all of you who take the time to post a comment. I read all of them, I visit your blogs and your are the main part in this blogging thing motivation!! Thanks!

Until later,