Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I'm back... from Brittany.

Flowers displayed on a table in front of a "creperie" (restaurant serving crepes) in Dinan.

Maybe you didn't know (unless you follow me on Twitter) but I was away again... This time I went to Brittany and stayed in Cancale. I also visited Dinan, Saint Malo, Dinard and of course Mont Saint Michel which is in Normandy.
I love this region. It is absolutely gorgeous. Let me show you a few pictures.


Feur de lin et Bouton D'Or, an antique dealer of buttons, laces, ribbons, etc. A stitcher's heaven!!! Inside it is like an old notions store.

Jacques Cartier's house. He is the one who discovered Canada.

The coast.

A view of Saint Malo from Dinard at high tide.

The Mont Saint Michel (we did a 4-hour hike in the sand with a guide and it was fabulous!!)

Fort la Latte and the coast

Beautiful mansions like this one.

and charming cottages like this one...

Well, you see, it was really pleasant. Living in France is extraordinary as each region is very typical. Indeed, Brittany, Normandy, Alsace, Provence, Burgundy, the Alps, the Pyrenees, to name just a few, are VERY different from each other. And everything is at a reasonable distance.
BTW, go and visit Natalie's blog to see Burgundi where she lives!!! Gorgeous , too!)

I did stitch a little bit but didn't make much progress as I was outside visiting and hiking all day and tired in the evenings...
But, as I mentioned the Lady's Cabinet several times in my previous posts, here is a picture of my WIP.

I still have the written part of one side to stitch and the top! It won't be finished before school starts as I had planned but it won't be long... ;-)

This is almost the end of the summer break. I like this period as it is the beginning of the school year and like every beginning, it is full of hope and projects. And I wish to share them with you all along ;-)

Thank you again for all your lovely comments. They are really motivating and I'm happy to know that you stopped by...

Until later,

Saturday, August 7, 2010

A stitching class

After having learned so much with Judy Odell and tempted by the creations of CA Wells, I finally decided to jump into a face to face class with CA Wells in London (I discovered CA Wells through Nataliejo's blog).

A face to face class is very different from an online class... Yet, I love online classes!!!!! But that will be for another post ;-)

First and foremost, you meet the designer, see her different projects for real and there are always much more beautiful than what you saw on pictures!!!

Then, you get a chance to meet like-minded people... you know... those who won't ask you why you spend so much money on trivial things, etc... LOL. People who just share the same passion and don't tell you to refrain because your cupboard is already filled with projects waiting to be stitched!!!! (I can see you smiling here!!!)

So I went to London twice! Last year and the year before and attended 4 classes!
Well, let me tell you it was a dream come true!

Before class, I had received the linen, threads and charts for stitching the projects. The class is a finishing class. You learn all the finishing techniques to transform your stitched piece of linen into a beautiful stitched project.

CA Wells has a very special and unique finishing technique. I have also learned how to make the best use of overdyed threads.

But I guess that you might like to see what projects I stitched and finished. So here there are!!!

The Mermaid Purse.

The Garden Steps.

The Nantucket Cottage.

The Brussels Chocolate Box.

All these projects have been such a pleasure to stitch and finish!!! They are both delicate and elegant. They are very unique as they are very flat compared to many stitched objects! Indeed, there is no batting between the pieced linen and the cardboard or skirtex which makes it different from other projects.

I do hope that you have enjoyed seeing these beautiful projects and if you get a chance to attend a class one day, don't hesitate!!! Just do it! It's so much fun and you will learned so much...

Have a beautiful and elegant day,
Until later,

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Lady's Cabinet

The Lady's Cabinet by Judy Odell from Just a Thought is the project I'm working on right now. It is the project I worked on during my holidays and I will keep on stitching this project in the next few days so that I can do the finishing before school starts in September! If you want to have a look at the finished cabinet click on Judy's name and you will see a blue version made by Sandi. This online class is now over but keep on checking Judy's website and message board as she has wonderful classes to offer!

I discovered Judy Odell a while ago when I was browsing the internet to find classes for finishing stitched projects.
What you need to know is that I thought I wouldn't be able to finish a project like the ones I saw on different blogs! But I really wanted to give it a try!!
Judy explains everything step by step with MANY photos! She calls it FinishVisually because you can see step by step photos of the finishing process.

The first project I stitched was The Accordion Needlebook.

Then, I stitched the Sampler Garden Casket and its accessories.

I also did the online class for the Workstation. And for the first time, I picked up my own colors!

I also used one of Judy's creation with a design by Giulia Punti Antichi for a birthday present for a friend of mine. She was turning 40 so I decided to stitch "40 ans" with her initials on one side and my initials and the year I stitched it on the other side. And it was the ideal gift with a storage for needle and threads inside this Frienship Sewing Case!

Well, you know how I started stitching what I call my "Antiques of the Future". And the Lady's Cabinet is going to be another great addition to this collection ;-)

I wish you all a wonderful summer,
Until later,