I'm back... from Brittany.

Flowers displayed on a table in front of a "creperie" (restaurant serving crepes) in Dinan.

Maybe you didn't know (unless you follow me on Twitter) but I was away again... This time I went to Brittany and stayed in Cancale. I also visited Dinan, Saint Malo, Dinard and of course Mont Saint Michel which is in Normandy.
I love this region. It is absolutely gorgeous. Let me show you a few pictures.


Feur de lin et Bouton D'Or, an antique dealer of buttons, laces, ribbons, etc. A stitcher's heaven!!! Inside it is like an old notions store.

Jacques Cartier's house. He is the one who discovered Canada.

The coast.

A view of Saint Malo from Dinard at high tide.

The Mont Saint Michel (we did a 4-hour hike in the sand with a guide and it was fabulous!!)

Fort la Latte and the coast

Beautiful mansions like this one.

and charming cottages like this one...

Well, you see, it was really pleasant. Living in France is extraordinary as each region is very typical. Indeed, Brittany, Normandy, Alsace, Provence, Burgundy, the Alps, the Pyrenees, to name just a few, are VERY different from each other. And everything is at a reasonable distance.
BTW, go and visit Natalie's blog to see Burgundi where she lives!!! Gorgeous , too!)

I did stitch a little bit but didn't make much progress as I was outside visiting and hiking all day and tired in the evenings...
But, as I mentioned the Lady's Cabinet several times in my previous posts, here is a picture of my WIP.

I still have the written part of one side to stitch and the top! It won't be finished before school starts as I had planned but it won't be long... ;-)

This is almost the end of the summer break. I like this period as it is the beginning of the school year and like every beginning, it is full of hope and projects. And I wish to share them with you all along ;-)

Thank you again for all your lovely comments. They are really motivating and I'm happy to know that you stopped by...

Until later,


  1. Thanks for sharing these pictures, Ron and I were in Cancale three years ago, I love the ladies on th square with the baskets with water ...
    Good to see it all back...

  2. Hi Erna,
    Have you visited other parts of France ?
    Hope you're well and enjoying this end of summer ;-)

  3. Hello David, I wondered where you'd got to! I love Brittany; we were last there for a week after Pour l'Amour du Fil. I hope you enjoyed better weather than we've had here in Normandy - August has literally been a washout. Poor holidaymakers! No doubt it will improve next week when it's la rentree! I was thinking about you today because I've just treated myself to a delightful little Tracy Nash 1820 Woollen Sewing Bag. Such extravagence but I couldn't resist!

  4. Contente de te retrouver sur la blogosphère et de voir que ma belle région d'adoption (j'y vis depuis 11 ans) t'a autant plu. Je préfère écrire en français, c'est quand même beaucoup plus simple pour moi, qui ne connais pas assez l'anglais pour écrire des comms un peu intéressants. Bonne soirée, Isabelle

  5. Merci Isabelle! C'est très bien en français!
    Bonne soirée à toi aussi ;-)

  6. Sue,
    I'm sure you will love your sewing bag ;-) Are you coming for CA's classes. I will attend the two Sunday classes ;-)

  7. Hello David thanks for your comment .I have visited Normandy and Brittany and of course Paris.I have always an Anglophile but I think I have fallen in love with France lately.Ron and I are thinking about the south of France next spring
    Enjoy the rest of your holiday

  8. Avec des photos comme ça, j'ai envie d'aller en Bretagne !! C'est malin, ça ;-))) lol
    Bon allez, dépêche-toi de monter ton Lady's Cabinet ! On attend, nous !!! LOL :-)

  9. Moi aussi, j'ai fait mon pélerinage annuel chez Fleur de lin cet été... le temps file trop vite dans ce petit paradis !
    Bon courage pour la rentrée ! Dans quinze jours, on aura sans doute l'impression d'être rentrés depuis un mois ;-))

  10. Merci Anne. Tu enseignes donc toi aussi ?

  11. Très jolies vacances! Profite bien de ces derniers jours de repos! Au fait, tu enseignes au collège ou lycée?

  12. Jolies photos... et beau début du Lady's cabinet.
    Bonne rentrée!

  13. Merci David pour cette belle balade Bretonne.....cela donne vraiment envie d'y aller pour découvrir cette région .....peut-être l'année prochaine.....
    Belle & douce soirée David.

  14. Gorgeous country to live in, France and if I had it my way we would be there now LOL.

    BTW, I did get in JduPlesis class!!

  15. voilà pourquoi je me partage entre la bretagne nord et la bretagne sud ;-))
    le littoral nord est également très beau...chauvine, moi ? non, juste un peu :-)))

  16. lorsque je parle du littoral nord il s'agit de la côte d'opale ;-)


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