A stitching class

After having learned so much with Judy Odell and tempted by the creations of CA Wells, I finally decided to jump into a face to face class with CA Wells in London (I discovered CA Wells through Nataliejo's blog).

A face to face class is very different from an online class... Yet, I love online classes!!!!! But that will be for another post ;-)

First and foremost, you meet the designer, see her different projects for real and there are always much more beautiful than what you saw on pictures!!!

Then, you get a chance to meet like-minded people... you know... those who won't ask you why you spend so much money on trivial things, etc... LOL. People who just share the same passion and don't tell you to refrain because your cupboard is already filled with projects waiting to be stitched!!!! (I can see you smiling here!!!)

So I went to London twice! Last year and the year before and attended 4 classes!
Well, let me tell you it was a dream come true!

Before class, I had received the linen, threads and charts for stitching the projects. The class is a finishing class. You learn all the finishing techniques to transform your stitched piece of linen into a beautiful stitched project.

CA Wells has a very special and unique finishing technique. I have also learned how to make the best use of overdyed threads.

But I guess that you might like to see what projects I stitched and finished. So here there are!!!

The Mermaid Purse.

The Garden Steps.

The Nantucket Cottage.

The Brussels Chocolate Box.

All these projects have been such a pleasure to stitch and finish!!! They are both delicate and elegant. They are very unique as they are very flat compared to many stitched objects! Indeed, there is no batting between the pieced linen and the cardboard or skirtex which makes it different from other projects.

I do hope that you have enjoyed seeing these beautiful projects and if you get a chance to attend a class one day, don't hesitate!!! Just do it! It's so much fun and you will learned so much...

Have a beautiful and elegant day,
Until later,


  1. Your CA's look wonderful David, her stitching is not difficult so anyone can do it, also the finishing is not daunting.
    Indeed very elegant.

  2. Beautiful David, love them and I have to admit I'm a little jealous, about the classes and about going to London...

  3. I love these, and I'm looking forward to attending one of CA Wells classes in London, this year.

  4. What a great show, David, beautiful pieces! I agree that a face-to-face class is a unique experience, and meeting CA was so nice. I hope to repeat it sometime.

  5. i took a CA Wells class many moons ago the beautiful bird house one. i love it and had a great time at her class. you do incredible work. i have yet to finish the Judy O'dell's lady chest almost done with stitching. of course i had to change the design which set me back in time. hope to post a pic soon.

  6. Beautiful pieces! Thanks for sharing. Your blog is so much fun to follow.

  7. Waouh ! de retour de vacances je découvre tes deux articles, tous deux sensationnels...
    J'aime beaucoup CA Wells et espère pouvoir un jour m'offrir une de ces classes.
    Toutes tes réalisations sont splendides et raffinées. Je t'envie de posséder de si beaux modèles.

  8. Tu vois, ce qu'il y a de bien chez toi, c'est que tu assistes aux classes et ensuite tu finis tes projets !! Certaines (non, non, je ne dirai pas qui !!) assistent aux classes, reviennent enchantées mais quand il faut se coller au travail, y'a plus personne !!!! LOL Donc je t'envie d'être aussi constant, je ferais bien de prendre modèle sur toi ;-)
    Et bravo pour tous ces jolis accessoires !!! Arrghhh, le Nantucket !!!!!! :-)))

  9. A very wonderful glass,what a great work and the cottage also very nice, love your blog.

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