The Lady's Cabinet

The Lady's Cabinet by Judy Odell from Just a Thought is the project I'm working on right now. It is the project I worked on during my holidays and I will keep on stitching this project in the next few days so that I can do the finishing before school starts in September! If you want to have a look at the finished cabinet click on Judy's name and you will see a blue version made by Sandi. This online class is now over but keep on checking Judy's website and message board as she has wonderful classes to offer!

I discovered Judy Odell a while ago when I was browsing the internet to find classes for finishing stitched projects.
What you need to know is that I thought I wouldn't be able to finish a project like the ones I saw on different blogs! But I really wanted to give it a try!!
Judy explains everything step by step with MANY photos! She calls it FinishVisually because you can see step by step photos of the finishing process.

The first project I stitched was The Accordion Needlebook.

Then, I stitched the Sampler Garden Casket and its accessories.

I also did the online class for the Workstation. And for the first time, I picked up my own colors!

I also used one of Judy's creation with a design by Giulia Punti Antichi for a birthday present for a friend of mine. She was turning 40 so I decided to stitch "40 ans" with her initials on one side and my initials and the year I stitched it on the other side. And it was the ideal gift with a storage for needle and threads inside this Frienship Sewing Case!

Well, you know how I started stitching what I call my "Antiques of the Future". And the Lady's Cabinet is going to be another great addition to this collection ;-)

I wish you all a wonderful summer,
Until later,


  1. Stunning David, you made some lovely projects, must check her on-line website out. Your finishing is perfect as usual!! :-)
    Love your workstation, and good to see using your own colours, gives it a completely different and wonderful look.
    The GPA ornament is gorgeous, your friend must be thrilled to receive it, lucky friend-)
    Won't be at the CA class this year, have a great time.

  2. Great show, David - everything is so beautiful! Judy's instructions are really good.

  3. I love your projects David, that cabinet will be a gorgeous one, I'm sure...
    Enjoy the rest of the summer holidays.

  4. Very very nice ! Sorry for my english... but it's a very long time since I learnt English... Have a nice day ! Isabelle

  5. Tous ces projets sont magnifiquement réalisés : un grand bravo à toi et bonne continuation sur ton Lady's Cabinet et profite bien de tes vacances:-)

  6. Hello David,love your work. I especially liked the Garden Casket. I am sure your friend loved what you stitched for her. Happy days.

  7. Oh que c'est magnifique.
    C'est un travail soigné et je prends plaisir à contempler. Bravo !


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