Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Delilah by Jen Kingwell

Delilah is the name of Jen Kingwell's TOM for 2017. Some of you are probably still wondering what a TOM is.

You all know what a BOM stands for : a Block of the Month.

A TOM is very similar. It is a kind of BOM where templates are provided. That's why it is called a TOM : Templates of the month.

The first month I received 4 templates with all the information on how to use them both for hand and machine piecing. I prefer handpiecing.

With these templates I had two blocks to make. It is a great stash buster and I decided right from the beginning not to buy any fabric for this project but to choose fabric from my stash only!
Here are my first two blocks.

The second month I received 6 templates.
Here are the two blocks I had to make.

Jen Kingwell's TOM started only in March. I have now received month 3. The enveloppe contained 4 templates. Now I have to delve into my stash for the next two blocks.

It is not a mystery quilt and if you google "Delilah by Jen Kingwell" you will find a photo of the quilt. Most versions are very modern and I like them A LOT!!!! But as I mainly have repro fabrics in my stash I am making a different version. That's part of the fun and it busts my creativity as far as choosing fabric is concerned.

Here is a photo of my first 4 blocks together.

 No you all know a what a TOM is, don't you? I will post progress from time to time.

French readers, if you would like to join in the fun, contact Anne Carol Lemaire at L'Atelier du Patchwork. This is where I got my subscription ;-)

Last weekend, I went to Brouage, on the French Atlantic coast, to visit the famous quilt exhibition "Quilts de Légende". Breathtaking is the only word that comes immediately to my mind when thinking of this fabulous exhibit of reproduction quilts. I took 254 photos!!! So give me some time to choose the best ones and I will write a post.
When you'll see that post online, better grab a cuppa as you will be glued to your screen admiring these beauties!

Until later,