Wednesday, January 13, 2016


According to my dictionary, if someone or something inspires you to do something, they make you want to do it by giving you new ideas and the enthusiasm to carry them out.

That's a pretty good definition for what I have in mind.  I quilt because there are designs that inspire me. One of the reasons why I love to attend a class with a designer is because they inspire me. It is not only what I learn in a quilting class, as far as a specific technique is concerned, it is also sharing some time with creative people who make me dream, who make me want to pick up my needle, cut into my fabric and start sewing something. They inspire me.

I am not myself a very creative person. My joy comes from making beautiful things even though I am reproducing a pattern. I am a slow quilter so my production is not impressive, but who cares? I quilt for my pleasure.

Last November, I attended a class with Nathalie Méance from La Fée Pirouette. She was teaching a design that would become a bag. As I had no desire to make a bag, I decided to make a little pannel instead. I wanted this panel to  be traditional with a modern twist. Because I love the "newspaper" fabric that Nathalie had used in her latest BOM, I decided to use it as the background of the panel. Nathalie had picked up several fat quarters that she thought would work well and the only creative process from my part was to choose where to place them.

The result is very fresh, spring-like and I love it. I am also happy about the embroidery which I found challenging and about the trapunto which was a new technique I had not tried before.

Moreover, it's nice to start the year with a finish.

I took photos this morning and tonight. Because the impression is very different when taking with daylight and because I could not decide which are better, (yes, I love both) here are those taken this morning...


... and those taken tonight.



 I hope it can inspire you as well :-)

Until later,