Friday, June 20, 2014

Campagne Française

What a journey it has been to hand piece, hand appliqué and hand quilt this wonderful quilt.

As is usually the case, I will start with the "Acknowledgements".

First, I want to give credits to Nataliejo from l'Atelier Perdu who is the designer of this pattern. Thanks Natalie, you know how much I like your designs ;-) The folded quilt photo is for you as I know you love seeing quilts folded :-)

Second, I want to thank Sakae from Tokyo. She gave me the inspiration to start quilting it the way I did. When I saw her quilting on the first block, I told myself that this was the time for me to try quilting the way I dream my quilts to be quilted. I convinced myself to just do it and that I would decide one block after another what the next quilting design would be. Let me tell you, I have learnt a lot through this process and I have been very happy to share with my FB friends most of it along with some of my  tips and ways of doing things.

This quilt is for my 20-year old daughter. She is just finishing her Khâgne B/L and will very soon know where she will study next year. It has been two very difficult years for her because prep schools in France require students to work very hard. I am very proud of her. She is a smart young lady. I didn't manage to finish this quilt for her birthday in February as I had planned but it is here. This quilt is for you Emma ;-) You have waited long enough...

But I guess you want to see more, right ?

A bit more ?


How about going in the garden in the morning light for an even better view.

The whole quilt unfolded, now!!! Unfortunately not the best photo but this is as much as I could do.

Now  both my daughters have their quilts ;-)

Thank you all for stopping by and welcome to my new followers.

Until later,