Saturday, May 9, 2015

A class with Di Ford. Pour L'Amour Du Fil #7

This last post is about the class with Di Ford or shoud I say a dream that has come true! I had been dreaming of attending a class with Di Ford since I first opened her book. I love her quilts.

I am still working on Mountmellick, the Quiltmania BOM that Di ford did last year, and it is such a pleasure to piece this quilt. 

For me, broderie perse is a real discovery and opens up new creative possibilities.

This is the model we've been working on in class. The aim was to discover broderie perse, how to cut the fabric, how to stitch tiny points and how to make the flowers in the border.

I love opening a kit and discovering what it contains... it is like a package a possibilities. It is also the reverse process from what we usually do as quilters. What I mean is that I usually choose fabric and try to guess what the effect will be depending on the fussy-cutting I will do or on what part of the fabric I will use. When opening a kit which contains the same fabrics as the sample piece, this is just the reverse process. It is discovering from which fabric Di obtained such an effect in the block. And let me tell you that it is really instructive. It opens up your mind and teaches you to look at fabrics with a different perspective.

Di also showed us what tools and pens she usually uses.

Di was very open to our questions and that was great because I wanted to learn her technique for reverse appliqué. So she showed us in great detail how to do it for a perfect result.

We were also very lucky to see pieces of future works...

... as well as a red version of Mountmellick.

At the end of the class, Evelyne, showed her version of Phebe, one of Di's quilt. It was really impressive! Such a beautiful version and the details were amazing. I suppose it must be fantastic for a quilt designer to see how their creativty is such a source of inspiration for many of us.

I was also happy to meet people who knew me from my blog. And in this class, I met someone from England. I am glad she introduced herself and was happy to meet her ;-). That is so nice to be connected with many people sharing the same passion.

Thank you very much Di for creating so many wonderful quilts. Mountmellick should be finished very soon and I am already looking forward to handquilting it.

I am also looking forward to seeing your fabric collection in the shops.

This is the last post about my quilting journey to Nantes. No need to tell you that it has been a very special moment. This quiltshow is unique. It gives all of us the opportunity to see wonderful exhibitions, meet quilt designers in a very friendly atmosphere and to attend classes to learn new techniques or share a special moment with your favourite designers.

I have already marked the dates for next year. I do not know yet whether I will be able to attend but will do my best not to miss it.

Until later,

Friday, May 8, 2015

Tomie Nagano. Pour L'Amour Du Fil #6

Tomie Nagano is a Japanese quilter who works with indigo fabrics. She uses old antique fabrics that she collects. I thought it would be a bit like the work of Shizuko Kuroha but, though I can hardly explain it, her work looks different to me... not very different but it has a personality of its own.
It may be due to the artist herself. I discovered a person who speaks English, who is lively and enthusiastic. I felt this kind of energy in the quilts rather than the peacefulness I felt in the quilts of Shizuko Kuroha.

Look carefully at the photo above. You will see close-up photos below, and I will show you a piece of fabric which wa unusual in such a piece.

Not only is the work amazing but the quilting is really impressive too! Another great opportunity for me to study the different quilting patterns used.

Enjoy ;-)

A surprising use of yellow and orange for a striking effect.

Back to the first quilt presented in this blog post. The log cabin block is completely de-structured.

Can you see the teeny-tiny yellow heart of the block?

I told you there was a surprising piece of fabric in the quilt of the first photo. Here it is!! I wonder who has noticed it?

Here it is again. Can you spot it? How I would have loved to know the reason why she put this piece of fabric there! I am sure she did it on purpose... But this will remain a mystery.

And now a grandmother's flower garden... the Japanese way...

Log cabin blocks again... love the effect!

 The handquilting adds so much to the texture of these quilts. I am always in awe when I see such amazing quilts, but it requires a shift of mind from my western perspective to really appreciate these quilts. Japanese quilting is different though they use the same blocks and are inspired by western quilting.

Until next post,

Cécile Franconie. Pour L'Amour Du Fil #5

Who doesn't know Cécile Franconie in France? You may probably know her from her famous blog Facile Cécile. Cécile is the person with whom I had embroidered the chickadee. Do your remember? This is the embroidery I turned into a quilted vase.

Cécile's house in the quilt exhibition was different from the other artists. Her house was a corner of her booth. Trying to get close was really difficult whatever the day and the time as there were so many people! You can really see that the book launch was a real success! And a well deserved one, IMHO. The book is filled with projects and creativity. The book looks like her so much. Cécile's works are like her, I think... modern with a touch of traditional or should I say traditional with a touch of modernity? Each project is spring-like with all the blooming embroidered flowers. 

Look at the atmosphere and presentation of her creations. It reflects Cécile's world perfectly.

When making a project from another designer, here Di Ford's Mountmellick, she transforms it to make it a very personal version.  Have a look below at this quilt. Don't you like? I LOVE it! I also love the version of one of Cécile's friend.
Cécile's version is the first photo below, her friend's is the second.

Everything is lovely, from the choice of fabrics to the embroideries decorating the blocks.

A beautiful presentation of charming quilts, creative boxes, pouches and so much more. A vintage feeling in a modern world.

Have you seen her mini Ipad case with 1/4 inch inch hexagons? OMG!!! This is such a beautiful case. Click here if you want to see it ;-)

And here is the link if you want to browse through the pages of her book.

Two more posts will follow about this quilt show before resuming posting about my works ;-)

Until next post,