Willyne Hammerstein. Pour L'Amour Du Fil #4

I was very happy to be able to see these fascinating quilts. I had bought her first book Millefiori Quilts a long time ago and though I have never dared starting any project in it, I have been fascinated by the quilts in the book. Among those quilts was the now famous Passaglia.

I have read about its construction so many times that I can now see the rosettes placement when looking at the quilt. But Passaglia was not the only quilt which was fascinating in the first book! Aurore, Provençal Path, Upstairs Downstairs, Floating Colours, La Crème de La Crème, Midnight Fireworks are all equally intriguing and beautiful for me.

What would this second book offer?  What would these quilts be like? Well, they were all really impressive to see up close. A true work of art. You could really sense how much Willyne puts into her quilts, from the design to the fabric selection, not mentioning the fussy-cutting to create this incredible kaleidoscopic effect.

Wylline told me that her least favourite part is the handquilting and that is the reason why she works on different projects at the same time so she gets a variety of activities throughout the day : designing, selecting fabric, fussy-cutting and piecing, handquilting.

I thought that these quilts were all paper-pieced using the English paper-piecing method but Willyne pieces her quilts the traditional way with a simple running stitch.

Let's look at a few photos.  I took many  but unfortunately most were blurred. I am really sorry!

Another important thing I have not mentioned yet and which plays, I think, a great part in Willyne's quilts is the large borders she frames her quilts with! They are always stunning and give the quilt elegance. Unfortunately none can be seen in my photos but you can see them in the book here.

Thank you Willyne for having autographed my book. It was a pleasure to talk to you and your husband.

Willyne speaks both French and English very well. I felt ashamed to only know a few words in Dutch!

I gave you my favourite quilts from book 1 earlier and here are my favourirte quilts from book 2 : Dutch Windmills, The Garden Of Forgetfulness, Sunrise, First Light, Crème BrûléeDancing with the Stars, and to finish a quilt which I had not noticed at first when looking at the book but which left me speechless when seeing it in "Willyne's House" :  Lost Time. No words could express my feelings when I saw this quilt.

I really recommend both books : Millefiori Quilts 1 and 2.

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  1. Merci beaucoup David! Tu as si bien partagé ton voyage et tes photos! J'ai adoré... tout...surtout l'expo de Brouage... wow!

  2. Great to read this posting about (also Dutch) quilter Willyne Hammerstein. Her books are very popular now, and I recently bought her first book. Love it! In fact: I've sewn my first 2 "Jacob's Ladder" blocks these days, inspired by the "Upstairs, Downstairs" quilt ;-)

  3. Now I don't have the choice but to buy these books. David, you described it all so tempting :-))) I could not believe that the quilts are not paper pieced, this is just impossible...

  4. No conocía la obra de Willyne , únicos cada uno de sus Quilts. Un saludo

  5. WOW.. I'm definitely adding these to my quilting library!

  6. Merci David pour ces beaux reportages, un vrai plaisir pour les yeux.....

  7. Her quilts are very special, unlike anything I have ever seen before. Thanks for showing so many pictures. I hope one day you will make one of these quilts.

  8. Do you know the sizes of the pieces on the first quilt pictured! It would make a great tudor rose! Thanks Amy

    1. Hexagons are 3/4 inch (2cm) and diamonds 3/4 inch (2cm) too.

    2. Thank you! I can't find the first book in either the US or the UK, but looking forward to her second book. Love your blog, I found it through a posting on Pinterest.

  9. I was so happy to be opposite her "house" as i got to drool over her quilts all day long - they are amazing!


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