Quilt Show Pour L'Amour Du Fil #1

When we arrived in Nantes on Tuesday evening, we were were a bit doubtful about the room we had rented! Indeed, we parked in a narrow street in front of an iron gate and it didn't look like in the photos...until the lady arrived and opened the gate for us :-)We were immediately charmed! And the lady was very nice and talked  with us during breakfast which was great. She also gave us ideas about restaurants and things to see and visit.

The next day day, I attended a class with Irene Blanck in the afternoon so my wife and I went to the city center. Nantes is a beautifully city, full of energy with people but without cars. We had the feeling that there were not many cars in the center and it gave the city a beautiful atmosphere.

Some restaurants were really nice...others were fun just for the atmosphere and the decoration!

I can hear you say : "Wait, david!!!" We're not reading your blog to discover Nantes and your feelings about the city!!!! Move on to the quiltshow, will you?"

So here we go ;-)

The building is huge but they do not use the whole building for the show.  Outside there are many grassy areas and a view on the river. Very pleasant as we had four beautiful sunny days!

Just  before entering the show.

 And a view from the upstair classrooms.

When I arrived, before heading to class, I just stopped at the Quiltmania booth to buy the books so I didn't have to carry them the next day when visiting the exhibition houses. And look what was displayed! Yes, this is block 3 of the Quiltmania 2015 BOM by La Fée Pirouette. What a gorgeous block!!!! But That was not all!

There was also this quilt! Yes, you got it right! That was love at first sight. It is going to be published in the next two issues of Quiltmania.

 You will not believe it, but the next day, I saw a lady at a café whom I recognized from seeing her talking to Linda Collins at the show and asked her whether she knew Linda and if so whether she could tell Linda that I  would have liked to say "Hi" but she was busy talking and I didn't want to interrupt her. Well, the conversation went on and I discovered she was the designer of this quilt! The quilting world is just a small world. Her name is Leigh Latimore and she is another talented quilter from down under.

The quilt show was very special. Fantastic exhibitions (which you will see in the following posts), many classes offered, and the perfect place to meet, talk to artists you admire, learn new techniques. The artits were all very friendly and happy to answer our questions. Moeover, a special corner in the quiltshow was dedicated to the bloggers. It was the right place to meet people, talk and see many Quiltmania projects such as the Tuesday Blocks or the Christmas blocks.
I met people I knew well, but also people I had never met before and not only in the show or the classes  but also in Nantes! I was more than happy to meet these people and put a face on names. I felt that we knew each other through our blogs. I will not give names as I do not want to miss anyone, but they know who they are ;-)

Here are a few photos of the this corner.

For this edition,  there were amazing boutis displayed.


 The exhibition of the molas was really impressive! Though I am not a fan of this type of quilts, I admire the workmanship.


There were so many things to admire!!! Not only in the artists houses but also on the vendors booth or on walls around the quilt show.

A colourful version of Di Ford Mountmellick (Quiltmania 2014 BOM).

Odile Bailleul's mice.

Quilts from published in the magazine.


Booths showing their kits.

 The quilts in competition. The theme was "Indigo". 

In the workshop corners, you could also see beautiful creations...

... or see artists at work in their booth.

And even wish to win the treasure chest!

I didn't... but a friend of mine is the lucky winner!! I am so happy for her and I am sure that she will make good use of everything.

I am not a dessert person, but sometimes one just cannot resist... that's part of the charm in France ;-)

Until the next post,


  1. Happy you injoyed the show. We did too and meet many many lovely people! Perhaps till next year? Or to the show in the Elzas?
    Els (www.bobbin.nl)

  2. Très beau reportage !! Et qui reflète bien ce qu'on voyait à Nantes au salon .
    Merci pour le partage .

  3. Wow!!! If I go to France one day, I will try to go when this show is on..Is it always the same month, David? So interesting, thank you!!

  4. Fabulous! And I do enjoy hearing and learning of Nantes. Fun to see the sweet mice there.

  5. Thank you for sharing the photos of Nantes & the quilt show. Small world it is...Linda Collins lives approx. 20 mins from me, and over the years I have been to many of the quilt exhibitions she holds in her 'American barn' and attended some of the workshops that have been held in the 'Barn'. Linda is a lovely lady, and she and her team of helpers have made a huge contribution & supported the work of Breast Cancer Research, with the amazing quilt exhibitions that have been held in the Barn.

  6. I was at the show for the first time this year and loved it. I went for two days, and still I didn't see some of the things in your photos!

  7. Merci David de partager avec nous ce salon qui m'avait l'air extra cette année...... J'espère pouvoir m'y rendre l'an prochain.....

  8. Fantastic reading David felt like I was there. Thank you.

  9. Merci David pour cette magnifique promenade.

  10. A huge thank you from Canada for your beautiful photographs of Nantes and all the beautiful quilts and displays. I would love to attend this show during the year of the Brouage exhibition. I cannot imagine a more wonderful experience in France. I have attended l'Aiguille en Fete in Paris in 2008 and the European Patchwork conference in Ste Marie aux Mines in 2011. I can always dream of a third visit to your beautiful country...

  11. oh my!! what stunning pieces!
    I'm glad you had a great time, everything looks stunning, just stunning!

  12. Sounds and looks like a show I should visit one day! It is great you are showing so many pictures!

  13. Très beau reportage! J'ai terminé le superbe grand patch Brinton Hall. ...un plaisir à faire.


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