Monday, January 19, 2015

I Love handquilting

Handquilting has always been my favourite part! I love piecing and appliqueing but handquilting is what I like best. Probably because this is when I see my quilt revealing itself, coming alive! And it is SO relaxing!!!

I didn't have much time till this weekend to finish the first part of Natalie's quilted basket. You know, the thing we call "work" can sometimes eat up your time!! It is not completely finished though as I still need to handquilt around the appliqués and draw the marker lines here and there.

But as it is the only chance  for me to write something on the blog this week, I thought I would share photos of this piece as it is.

I am not completely happy with the appliquick pieces. I really need to become better at this.

Hopefully  next time, I will be able to show you the other sides of the basket as well as my progress on Mountmellick by Di Ford ;-)

Thank you for stopping by.

Until later,