Monday, February 25, 2013

Campagne Française #2

 Thank you very much for all your comments in my previous post. It was great to read all the positive reactions to my unusual choice of colors for this quilt.

Here is my second block of this part. I tried to get some balance in the colors. For example, I took two fabrics from the appliqué block and used them in the wheel and added all the colors from the smaller blocks too.


Now that the two blocks from this first part are finished, I will work on some wool projects until the next enveloppe arrives.

Until later,

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Campagne Française #1

"Campagne Française" is the new Quilt Me Club from L'Atelier Perdu. (Click on the logo on the right to know more). It is a four-part mystery quilt.

  This first part has a large appliqué block  and a pieced block made with four smaller traditional blocks.


As you can see, I  made a fabric and color choice which is very different from the original design. I am not used to making  changes like this but the result at the end will tell me whether I was right to try to be a bit adventurous...
Nevertheless, I quite like  this first appliqué block as well as the small pieced one.

I hope to finish the three other pieced blocks this weekend.

Thank you for stopping by ;-)

Until later,

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The tree of happiness and laughter

 I had told myself that I would not start a new BOM this year... but I have been looking at this block now and then and I kept telling myself... why not ?

How can you resist stitching these Sue and Billy characters!!! It was the first time for me though!


When I think about it, the reason why I like this block so much is that I love every single design with a tree of life... don't know why... and this block is a kind of tree of life!  That's why I have decided to entitle it "The Tree of Happiness and Laughter".

Another reason for stitching this block is that Reiko Kato, the designer of this BOM published this year in Quiltmania magazine, is a very nice person who creates very charming quilts and quilted objects and she is very creative in the way she finishes them. I have attended several classes with her and she has taught me how to appliqué tiny pieces nicely and how to finish a purse, basket or house box perfectly.

So here I am, with block one completely done ;-) Stitching it has been a real pleasure.


One project at a time - or one block at a time works fine for me.

Now that this block is finished, I can work on another part of a different project.

It seems like 2013 is going to be a great stitching, and quilting year with several finishes.

Thank you all for stopping by, leaving a comment when you feel like it and welcome to the new followers ;-)

Until later,