Monday, April 26, 2010

From the Loire valley to the Quilt Show

The châteaux were absolutely fascinating!!!! Along the river or on top of a hill with the river down below or surrounded by a lake, they were all different and interesting. It was the best way to study once again French history.
There were sceneries you only see in paintings. Look at this!!!

I can hardly believe I took this picture!!! Don't you think it is beautiful and romantic!!

How you ready to embark ? You'd better grab a cup of tea because it's going to be my longest post!!!!! Let's go...

Valençay :

Chenonceau and its gardens :

Chambord :

Amboise and the chapel where Leonardo Da Vinci is buried :

Le clos Lucé where Leonardo da Vinci spent the last years of his life :

Azay Le Rideau :

The gardens of Villandry :

But, I guess you'd like to read about the quilt show, right ?

At the entrance we were welcomed by this "mise en scène" :

and by this huge hand-stitched quilt by Chuck Nohara :

Stunning!!! To say the least...

There were many booths where you could find everything a quilter or stitcher needs.... and much more ;-))

I met many people... some I knew and was happy to see again and some I met for the first time though I knew some of them through their blogs. It was not easy for me to be transparent as there were not many male quilters at the quilt show. While attending a class, I heard many ladies surprised to see a man quilting and stitching! Well, My wife watches football and drinks beer so... NO, JUST KIDDING... LOL

I attended three classes. One was to use the Square in a Square ruler and it has help me overcome my machine-piecing phobia. The second class was with Aurelia Ducrocq. She was extremely nice and charming and very helpful. Thank you very much Aurelia.

Finally, because Reiko Kato wasn't able to come (yes, the volcano!!), I did a rug hooking class with Beatrice Meillac. How fun!!! Thanks Béatrice, for your help! Rug hooking is great!

I was so concentrated that I forgot to take a picture during the class!

I do regret that I didn't take a class with Cécile Facile and with Léa Stansal. Indeed, Cécile's creations are so inspiring as are Léa's. There will be another time....

Now let's have a look at the exhibitions.

Reiko Kato's house :

Sue Spargo's house.
I had seen Sue's quilts before in Sisters (Oregon). One cannot be not charmed when you see them!

The country house :

Sarah Fielke's house :

Chuck Nohara's house :

Lea Stansal's corner :

Julie Arkell's corner :

Katherine Roumanoff's corner :

All these artists made me understand that what is important is to do things. So, my new motto is "Just Do It and Have Fun"!!

Thank you Quiltmania for organizing such a quilt show in France.

On Friday evening, before driving back to southern France, we decided to spend the night on the coast. There was only the sound of the surf of the ocean and the tweeting of the birds for my morning run.

I'm back home now and ready to go to work tomorrow morning. Hope you have enjoyed this part of France and Quiltmania quilt show ;-)

Until later,

Friday, April 16, 2010

What shall I bring ?

On the way to the Quilt Show where I'm going with DW, DD1 and DD2, we will stop and visit several Châteaux in the Loire Valley. I'm not sure I will have much time for stitching but I hate going somewhere without anything!! Just in case !!! Am I the only one ???
But what to bring with me to stitch or sew that is small, easy and relaxing ? A stitchery !!!
So I have prepared The Blueberry Cottage stitchery to bring along.

A few years ago I stitched one by Lynette Anderson. The wooden button gives the stitchery a certain charm.

It was so fun that I decided to give it another try lately in order to stitch this Un Chat dans L'Aiguille needle pocket for DD2.

When I'm back, I will tell you about the Quilt Show in Nantes and the classes I attended ;-)
Until later,

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mystery Quilt 2. Block 5 and 6.

Six months done!!! And six to go!!!
This quilt is going to be great. I can make it somewhat personal by picking up my own fabrics, colors and I can also add small details like using the Kurumi buttons for the berries.

Do you remember the first 4 blocks of the Mystery Quilt 2 from Born To Quilt ?

For block 5, I have changed the names on the pincushions and have created small tags with 19th century dates.

Block 6 is my favourite!!!! Don't you like all these red berries I was talking about ?

Thank you for your comments! I have just realized that there are comments I had not read so I have changed the settings so that all comments will go to my mailbox. I will read them all now! Don't hesitate to say "Hi" if you stopped by...
Until later,

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Quilter's Heaven and my progress on the Civil War Tribute BOM

Last summer I was in Oregon visiting my dear friends. They are my American "family" as they were my host family when I worked in Portland a long time ago. Of course, while being there I could not resist doing some shopping!!!! And I found an extraordinary quilt shop in West Linn which is very close to Portland : Hollyhill Quilt Shop and Mercantile. It was, for me, heaven on earth. Each part of the shop had its own theme : country, christmas, Americana... The photos will show you more than I can tell!

It was worth the visit!!! And as my daughter was in Portland for a semester and asked me what I'd like her to bring back for me, guess where I sent her?

Next Quilt Shop visit will be in Sisters, Oregon!! Another great place where there is a wonderful outdoor Quilt Show in July! And lots of antique dealers, too!!! But, that will be for another post...

You may have guessed, by now, that I love the USA. This is why I'm really happy to piece the Civil War Tribute Quilt BOM. Do you remember ? I showed you the fabrics here.
The Civil War Tribute collection by Judie Rothermel is showcased in this extraordinary quilt which was created as a BOM program by Homestead Hearth. In France, you can find it at Les Secrets de Marie.
I've just finished month 1 which consists in two identical blocks. One is 18 inches and the other one is 12. I follow the rotary cutting instructions but piece it by hand. First of all, because of the pleasure of handpiecing and also because I don't feel comfortable with my sewing machine!
But I will try to sew a quilt top by machine very soon! I'll let you know.

Now, I'm getting ready to go to the French Quilt show organized by Quiltmania. I will attend three classes. One to create nice little presents for next Christmas, one to learn a fast machine piecing method using a special ruler (new for me!!!) and of course a class with Reiko Kato! :-))
Until later,