L'Atelier Perdu

Do you know L'Atelier Perdu?
Of course, you do!!! Natalie has a beautiful blog in which she has posted so many beautiful creations.
And now, she is a designer too!! I couldn't resist stitching one of her new designs.
For the first project, I decided to stitch the scissors holder. It is so elegant!
It was a real pleasure to stitch over one. The finishing instructions are so clear and easy to follow that anyone can finish it in no time.
Do you want to see the photos ?

I wish you all a wonderful Easter weekend. Thank you for all the nice comments you posted in the previous posts. I'm happy to "meet" you and to discover your blogs!
Until later,


  1. Congratulations on your wonderful Blog and look forward to your posts.

  2. It's really nice, there are a lot of years I didn't do cross stitch, and I'm thinking I have to take it again seing your creations.

  3. Il est magnifique David : Félicitations !!
    Je te renouvelle tous mes voeux pour ce Dimanche de Pâques à toi et à ta petite famille ,

  4. Nataliejo a toujours réalisé des ouvrages très raffinés. Les couleurs de ce modèle sont très jolies. Bravo !

  5. Welcome to blogland. I do admire your cross stitch and the fact that you do handwork. The machine can be your friend if you let it. I hand quilt but put my quilts together by machine.

  6. Ooohhh !!! Quelle jolie mise en valeur ! j'aime beaucoup tes photos et je suis si contente que tu aies pris du plaisir à réaliser cet accessoire ;-)
    Bravo, il est très réussi et petite confidence : j'ai le même tissu que celui que tu as utilisé, dans mes tiroirs !!lol

  7. It's really pretty, David, and so well stitched - congrats!

  8. Oh my Goddess! You're a man! I really admire your works David! Welcome welcome welcome!



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