Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

The end of the year is almost here... And we are getting ready to welcome our friends for dinner tonight.

In Australia and Japan you are already in 2012. In the USA, you will have to wait a little longer and my dear friends in Portland, Oregon will be in 2012 when I will wake up tomorrow morning. And many of you, in France, are also getting ready for "le réveillon".

I have a very special thought for all the Japanese people who have endured a terrible year with the tsunami.

I do know that many have also been through difficult time.

I will remember also all the good moments of this past year. Meeting people, sharing my hobbies and passion via my blog, reading so many inspiring blogs and feeling that the world is a little place filled with so many wonderful people.

I do hope that your lives will be filled with beautiful moments of friendship and sharing in 2012.

As for me, it will be a year without resolutions for once as I haven't been able to stick to them so far... but I will keep on writing this blog from time to time to share with you a part of my life and passion for needles and threads.

Happy New Year to all of you and happy celebrations ;-)

Until later,

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Relaxing time

It is a perfect and peaceful time to play with my needles and threads. A moment of pure bliss...

Until later,

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A time for family and friends.

This is the holiday season and a time for family and friends and some stitching and quilting in-between ;-)

These are the projects I am currently working on except for one which will be started on January 1st.

As you can see, there are some finishing to do and I do hope to make some progress during this two-week vacation time.

Happy holiday,
Until later,

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Thank YOU ...

... to all of you.

When I started this blog, I never thought that someone would be interested in seeing what I have stitched or what quilt I have finished.

But, the passion of needles and thread is a close link between many people around the globe.

So, to all of you who have stopped by, who have commented, who have signed up as followers, I must say THANK YOU.

I feel blessed to be able to share my passion with you.

This little hornbook was the bonus chart that was included as a present to the Stitch Me Club 2011 members.

Have a great week,

Until later,

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Stitch Me Club. Summer 2011.

This project by Nataliejo was a mystery project in three parts. For people who, like me, love stitched smalls, L'Atelier Perdu, is the right place! Lovely designs, easy-to-follow and step-by-step finishing instructions that you can have either in French or in English, make me want to stitch every single project Natalie releases.

As usual, I am a bit late as I had planned to finish it late August!!! Well, it's early December instead and the arrival in my mailbox of a new ABSOLUTELY fantastic small has motivated me to finish it so I can start stitching it ;-)

Here are the photos I took a few minutes ago.

It is such a beautiful project :-))

I am now ready to stitch Natalie's new small. The theme is Christmas, and OMG, it is awesome. It will stitch it along with Isabelle.

This weekend will be dedicated to my sewing machine. I got the opportunity to attend an online class with another Nathalie. I will make a top by machine and hope to do a lot more after that. I haven't decided yet but I think I will handquilt it because I just love the look of handquilted quilts.

For Christmas I have two weeks off and will do the finishing of the project Thistlewood. I will also finish a Yoko Saito pouch and work on two wool projects from Maggie Bonanomi's latest book Buttonwood Farm.... that's a lot on my to-do list!!! But who knows...dreams may come true ... And even if I cannot do all the things planned, this will not be the end of the world ;-)

Finally, I have received everything for my New Year's new project. I always start a new project on New Year's day. This time it is a project I had dreamt to stitch but missed the opportunity last year. But more about that next year...

I will be back here before Christmas but I wanted to share with you some of the decorations we have put up for the season.

I am sorry not to be able to post more these days but my work takes most of my time and energy...

I wish you all a wonderful holiday season and thank you for all the lovely comments you wrote before. They make me very happy and it is nice to know that you have stopped by.

Until later,

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Simply Vintage : the new country and folk art magazine published in France

This brand new magazine, published by Quiltmania, has absolutely everything I could have dreamt of. I LOVE it. It is filled with country projects that make your fingers ache. You immediately feel an urgent need to make every single project. And it has the most wonderful photography.

What's more...

Well, many things but I want to let you discover it by yourself.

Behind this magazine, there are Carol Veillon from Quiltmania and Marie-Claude Iperti. Most of you know them both and I have talked a lot with Marie-Claude in different quiltshows. She is an attentive, kind and very generous person. I can assure you that the magazine reflects her personality.

So I have only two words : congratulations and thank you for this magazine.

You can see photos of inside pages here, and here or there. Enjoy :-))

Until later,

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Butternut House Sewing Case

You wanted to see it finished! Here it is...

The idea of covering this sewing case comes from a Japanese magazine (Quilt Tshushin 156. June 2010) and because I don't have this magazine and also because I wanted a country design for my sewing case, I chose this design by Maggie Bonanomi and adapted it for this project.

The front.

The back.


I cannot leave you without showing you a close-up.

I like this small sewing case a lot and it was so fun to make... It is the perfect project for making a very personal sewing case.

Do you like it too ?

Until later,

Edit Nov 16, 2011 : I forgot to tell you in the "how to" explanation in the comment section... I used a curved needle. Without a curved needle, I think it is more difficult to achieve a good result.

Info for my French readers : I received The Quiltmania catalogue with my magazine this morning and the book "With These Hands" by Maggie Bonanomi is going to be available in French. The Butternut House design comes from this book ;-)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Jackie Du Plessis has done it again!!! She has offered the opportunity to attend one of her classes online with The Shining Needle Society.

For me, it is perfect. I live in France and cannot go to a class in the US. And when I do go to the US, it is to see my friends. The occasion to attend a class at the same time has never occured.

Moreover, with a busy schedule and an active professional life, the online classes give me the opportunity to work on the project at my own pace.

The project I'm working on is called Thistlewood and it is gorgeous. I wanted to show you the stitching part finished. I love it :-))

I think I will have a new "antique of the future" added to my collection soon ;-)

A short post today, as the Butternut House appliqué is asking to be attached to the sewing case... and I have understood that some of you are looking forward to seeing this project finished ;-)

Until later,

Monday, October 31, 2011

Inspired by Maggie Bonanomi

Yesterday, I spent the whole afternoon stitching Thistlewood. It's really a pleasure to stitch. And in the evening, I wanted to do something else and tried to find a quick and fun project to make.

Maggie Bonanomi has been my inspiration once again. I found in her book With These Hands the project that would be perfect for what I had in mind. It just needed to be adapted a bit to size so it could fit in.

I picked up a Japanese fabric for the background and took all the wools I had and then the fun part started.

This is what I came up with a few hours later.

It is going to be perfect for this very practical but not very nice craft case.

Once appliqué, the blue will not show anymore and I will have a country sewing case. So fun!

Do you like it ?

And the very good news is that Maggie will be in Nantes at the quilt show Pour l'Amour Du Fil organized by Quiltmania.

And Reiko Kato will be there too!!! Well, I think that Quiltmania is my personal Santa Claus as they make my dreams come true.

Today is going to be another stitching day with Thistlewood and Best Friends.

Happy Halloween everyone... Where I live in France it is not celebrated but my daughter has invited 3 friends to have fun with her... the costumes are ready... Let's hope the neighbors are ready too!!

Until later,

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Yes, that's the word... finally... because this quilt has been waiting for a long time before being quilted!

Why? Well, the first reason is that when I started quilting it by hand I was a bit disappointed by the fact that it didn't show much with these fabrics. So I waited until I couldn't wait anymore!!!

My daughter has been VERY patient...

Indeed, I had promised that it would be finished for Christmas. Now, my daughter (and my wife too) was urging me to tell which year!!!!

The quilting is different in each block type. It is simple but I was wrong when I thought it didn't show enough. In fact, it does show at certain angles with certain lights... It gives charm to the quilt.

For the quilting, I have now developped a personal technique in mixing the Amish technique taught by Esther Miller and the Japanese technique. Under the quilt I use a porcelain thimble and on my right hand I have a Roxanne thimble. I quilt with a floorstand hoop but for the borders I quilt without the hoop and I use a weight. I am quite happy with the result and I have noticed that the more I quilt the better and more even the stitches are.

For marking the lines I use a Hera marker. I tried on several blocks the chalk maker (the one with a little wheel) and it worked fine too. But the Hera marker is my favourite.

As you can see, the quilt is heavily quilted. I almost wrote "heavenly quilted"!!!! That would be making my dreams a reality!!! LOL.

Someone asked me in my previous post if she would have a chance to see the entire quilt so I took this photo so you can see it. It's not the best photo though...

I wish you all a wonderful weekend and a Happy Halloween on Monday.

Until later for more finishing and stitching,

Saturday, October 15, 2011

I missed the needles...

... and I also missed posting on my blog... but so much has been going on here this past month. Back-to-school is a VERY busy period for me as I teach both students and teachers and all my energy goes toward planning and preparing the entire school year. I also work on two international educative projects which take time.

My needles have been left behind for more than a month except for a regular handquilting time in order to finish my daughter's quilt before winter. And guess what??? I'm almost done! Only the surrounding band of squares are not quilted yet but will be soon.

My friend from Portland came over and spend 10 days here. It was a real pleasure to have her around and remember the past 20 years we've known each other. At the same time we also had a bittersweet feeling as her husband, who passed away last year, wasn't there as usual. I admired him a lot and he will stay alive in my memory.

Well, things are getting back to normal, I guess, and I can now resume stitching and quilting at a more regular pace.
First, I want to finish Natalie's summer project... Natalie, if you read this post, I think you will have a good laugh!!!! I know I told you I had planned to finish it before school started!!! Did I mention a year ????? Don't worry, I can do it and WILL do it before a new school year starts ;-)

See, I resumed stitching yesterday evening and started part 3. Save me a spot in the group picture ;-)

And when the quilt is binded and the pocket finished, I will start another lovely project with Jackie Du Plessis. I'd better hurry as the finishing online class is in November.

It is now fall and my maple tree is here to prove it.

But with the temperatures that are still summer-like, we could doubt it. The good point though, is that we could have had dinner on the terrace so far.

Thank you for being still around. I wish you a happy fall season and leave you with a photo of the olive tree in my garden I took this morning.

Until later,

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

In my mailbox...

To say that I am extremely busy these days is not true! It's even worse... which means I do not have much time for my needles. The only thing I have managed to do so far, is to handquilt for 30 minutes every schoolday and 2 hours at the weekend.

When I came back from work today, there was a surprise in my mailbox. Two books were waiting for me.

The first one is by Maggie Bonanomi and is entitled Buttonwood Farm. You know how much I love everything she creates!!!

The second one is by Renée Plains and is entitled Stitches From the Schoolhouse. I missed her previous book (A Bird in Hand) but didn't want to miss this one.

Both books have surpassed all my expectations... absolutely FANTASTIC books!!!

I love the blue color but have difficulty in using it in my country projects. I think that now, Maggie Bonanomi has managed to help me get over my fear of using it!!! Moreover, I now know how I will use the Japanese antique blues and indigos I bought last April ;-)

Finally, if you want to have a peek at what's inside the books you can click here.

Until later,

Thursday, September 1, 2011

last day...

... of summer break.

It is not fall yet! The days are still warm and sunny though shorter and cooler in the evening. The leaves of the maple tree start turning yellow and red while other plants are still in full bloom.

Tomorrow is back-to-school day for teachers in France and on Monday students will be back to school also.

I have enjoyed my summer break a lot. It was a peaceful and relaxing time when you know that you have plenty of time to do what you want to do. Yet, I didn't do all that was on my to-do list! But who cares. The feeling of a long stretch of time ahead of you was enough to make me happy.

Time to read, stitch, quilt. Time to have breakfast on the terrace in the morning. Time to have tea and biscuits in the afternoon. Time to be with your family and friends. I have enjoyed it all.

Now, a new school year will begin. I like this period, too! A new beginning, new projects, a whole year ahead of you to make your dreams come true : see all the students willing to study and getting excellent grades at their exams!!!!! Well, that's another story but I'll do my best to help them.

On a personal level, it's also a time for decisions and new organization. Don't worry I haven't decided to quit stitching or quilting!!! This year I will continue stitching and quilting all the projects I have in my stash as well as those I will discover and that are not in my to-do list yet, but will be for sure!!!! There are always new projects you cannot not stitch or quilt, aren't they?
Sure I'm not alone here, am I ?

There are three projects that are not finished yet, but will be soon.

First, the summery quilt for my daughter. Not long to go now. She's been waiting for this quilt for more than three years!!! I know, it's a shame...

Second, the Yoko Saito's pouch. I still need to quilt the two faces and finish it.

Finally, the Stitch Me Club project. I have to finish part 3 plus the bonus part.

No dates, no plans as my very first priority is now my job. But with a bit of stitching or a bit of quilting in the evening, I should finish them before Christmas!!! Or so I hope!!!LOL

To thank you in advance for your patience, here's another tiny small that goes with the Lady Jane Garden Project by Jackie Du Plessis. This is the last accessory of this project.

Until later,

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lobster scissors fob

Thank you all for your comments on my summer posts. My piece of linen enjoyed writing the last post for you ;-)

Do you remember the stitching class I attended in 2009 in London with CA WELLS ? I stitched the Nantucket Cottage. What a project it was!!!! I am still in awe when I look at it.

I love CA Wells's finishing technique. It makes everything perfect. When in class, I had bought a bonus design to go with this cottage : the Lobster Scissors Fob.

It was high time to finish it, wasn't it ?

And guess what ? I have thousands of ideas to use this concept to make more but in different styles!

And because, I like smalls, I also stitched the treat that Jackie Du Plessis had offered us when taking the class Lady Jane Garden. A very small pinkeep to put in the basket with the other accessories.

And there's more to come... so...

Until later,

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The summer afternoon of a stitched piece of linen

It is over 100°F /40°C today, so I decided to write for David as he cannot do anything with these temps! I think he is dreaming of fall reading the fall issue of Primitive Projects Magazine he has just received.

How do you like me ironed and framed ? Do I look good ? Well, David likes me... But let's go back in time to tell you how I finished like this.

At first, I was a white piece of linen stitched with a design by Jackie Du Plessis. But, right now, David is in a country and primitive mood so he decided to give a try to what he had read on Stacy Nash's project charts (which he has to stitch BTW!!!).

Because the linen was so white (though the photo doesn't show), he first decided to let me have a bath for an hour or two. He didn't use his best tea for that! He kept it for himself and I got the regular black tea from the supermarket... Anyway, that was fun.

After the bath, he brushed me with some dark solution he had made with walnut crystals. The more stained I was, the happier he was! He was so happy that he even tried the recipe with different fabrics just to see how they would turn out.

Then, I finished the afternoon lying and sunbathing on the grass in the garden.

Ironed and framed, I now stands proudly in the sitting room where David is reading the magazine and drinking iced cold lemonade.

Next time, David will try Lori (from Notforgotten Farm)'s recipe.

Until later( he says),