Yes, that's the word... finally... because this quilt has been waiting for a long time before being quilted!

Why? Well, the first reason is that when I started quilting it by hand I was a bit disappointed by the fact that it didn't show much with these fabrics. So I waited until I couldn't wait anymore!!!

My daughter has been VERY patient...

Indeed, I had promised that it would be finished for Christmas. Now, my daughter (and my wife too) was urging me to tell which year!!!!

The quilting is different in each block type. It is simple but I was wrong when I thought it didn't show enough. In fact, it does show at certain angles with certain lights... It gives charm to the quilt.

For the quilting, I have now developped a personal technique in mixing the Amish technique taught by Esther Miller and the Japanese technique. Under the quilt I use a porcelain thimble and on my right hand I have a Roxanne thimble. I quilt with a floorstand hoop but for the borders I quilt without the hoop and I use a weight. I am quite happy with the result and I have noticed that the more I quilt the better and more even the stitches are.

For marking the lines I use a Hera marker. I tried on several blocks the chalk maker (the one with a little wheel) and it worked fine too. But the Hera marker is my favourite.

As you can see, the quilt is heavily quilted. I almost wrote "heavenly quilted"!!!! That would be making my dreams a reality!!! LOL.

Someone asked me in my previous post if she would have a chance to see the entire quilt so I took this photo so you can see it. It's not the best photo though...

I wish you all a wonderful weekend and a Happy Halloween on Monday.

Until later for more finishing and stitching,


  1. Wooowwwwww!!!!!! Great great quilting!!!
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Quel ouvrage magnifique et quel superbe quilting... du grand art... ta fille a bien fait de patienter...... Vraiment Bravo Bravo !!!!!

  3. Wow David this is beautiful...I love it...your Daughter is very lucky!!!

  4. Beautiful quilt David, your daughter is a very lucky girl. Your quilting is brilliant, well done to you.

  5. Very lovely quilt and great quilting.

  6. It's beautiful, a true gift of love.

  7. Beautiful and in Holland we say.......... Prachtig. Have a nice Sunday.

  8. Comme ta fille doit être heureuse d'avoir un si beau quilt de surcroît piécé et quilté par son Papa même : un grand bravo à toi: c'est superbe !!!
    Cela me rappelle ces doux moments de tendresse lorsque je faisais des quilts pour mes fils : ils adoraient en avoir sur leur lits et sur les murs de leurs chambres :-)
    Bien Amicalement,

  9. Beautiful quilting in your daughter's quilt. I love it. Your daughter is very lucky with a dad like you!

  10. Gorgeous David, your hand quilting is beautiful, gives the quilt a great look :) Congratulations, a happy daughter and time for Thistlewood, which I still have to start too!
    Enjoy Sunday with the family :)

  11. What a wonderful quilt - your daughter is a lucky girl! :-)

  12. David you have made and quilted a beautiful quilt. Your daughter must be thrilled, and it is certainly worth the wait! Have you quilted the "Born to Quilt" Mystery Quilt yet? I have yet to do mine, but I think it will be 2012's winter's evening challenge!

  13. Beautiful quilt on a beautiful bed. I love the hera maker too for straight lines.

  14. Oh, c'est un travail superbe, David !
    Je suis d'autant plus admirative que je n'aime pas beaucoup cet exercice ; je ne suis d'ailleurs pas douée du tout ! ;-)
    Il faut peut-être que je trouve la méthode qui me convient... Merci pour les infos que tu donnes, elles pourront m'être utiles.

  15. Félicitations David! Ton quilting est vraiment très beau.Ta fille doit être très heureuse de pouvoir en profiter.
    Isabelle C.

  16. Alors LA ! Je dis WOW ! Bravo ! Magnifique ! Quel quilting...! Impressed :o)

  17. It is simply gorgeous, David! Your quilting is fantastic! She must and should be very happy:) Congratulations - to you all!

  18. Quel travail ! Les blocs sont simples, les motifs sont simples, mais le résultat est splendide ! Un très grand bravo pour ce patch, pour la patience de ta fille et pour ta ténacité : quilter à la main un ouvrage aussi grand force mon respect !

  19. Félicitations David ! ce quilt est très beau et bien matelassé.

  20. Absolutely gorgeous!
    I love my Roxanne's Thimble, too!

  21. Je suis très admirative de la petitesse et la régularité des points, un vrai quilting Amish ;-)


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