Sunday, September 19, 2010

The change of season

Fall is definitely my favourite season. I think that the colors and the atmosphere appeal to me more than the other seasons. Moreover, I feel a lot more crafty at this period.
Yet the more I think about it, the more I realize that what I like more than anything else is the change of season!!!

Grapes are on the stalls and in my kitchen!!! And there are still good peaches also!!! The change of season, indeed!

The trees are still green, except my maple tree which has turned red and yellow already.
The days are warm but the evenings and mornings are cooler! And soon, the beech tree in my garden will turn yellow. Last year, this is what it looked like by the end of October!

So, slowly, I find comfort inside again. When it's getting cooler I grab a quilt and a good book and enjoy life in my country cottage, my home, the place where I feel so well, surrounded by my loved ones. The place where I think nothing bad can happen.

My home is also the place where handmade treasures have found a place to stay and be admired, like this beautiful handmade scented cushion made in an Amish community.

This is my place, my comfort zone. And speaking of Comfort Zone, here is the cover of Maggie Bonanomi's latest book that I received this summer. It's a must-have for those loving Folk Art and Primitive Designs.

Until now, I have always worked on several projects at the same time. But as you have read in my previous posts, I was very late on a project I want to finish : The Lady's Cabinet.
So, this summer I only worked on this project so that I could finish it in September. I'm working on the last part. and I should be ready to start the finishing very soon. For the top of the cabinet, I replaced the lady by a gentleman and I like the result very much. I thank July (from Judy's board) who graciously designed this gentleman for my cabinet. Here is my progress on the last part.

And here are all the different parts of the cabinet!

It's going to be absolutely gorgeous once finished. So keep coming back as you should see it in a couple of weeks!!

And finally, I'd also like to share with you a photo of the present for my wife's birthday last week. We both love handmade things and she loves bags, especially those made from antique fabrics. Lili Pain D'Epices created it. The photo doesn't do it justice, though. It is made from an old linen sheet which she dyed in grey-blue.

Love is the thread with which you quilt a better future ;-)
Until later,