The change of season

Fall is definitely my favourite season. I think that the colors and the atmosphere appeal to me more than the other seasons. Moreover, I feel a lot more crafty at this period.
Yet the more I think about it, the more I realize that what I like more than anything else is the change of season!!!

Grapes are on the stalls and in my kitchen!!! And there are still good peaches also!!! The change of season, indeed!

The trees are still green, except my maple tree which has turned red and yellow already.
The days are warm but the evenings and mornings are cooler! And soon, the beech tree in my garden will turn yellow. Last year, this is what it looked like by the end of October!

So, slowly, I find comfort inside again. When it's getting cooler I grab a quilt and a good book and enjoy life in my country cottage, my home, the place where I feel so well, surrounded by my loved ones. The place where I think nothing bad can happen.

My home is also the place where handmade treasures have found a place to stay and be admired, like this beautiful handmade scented cushion made in an Amish community.

This is my place, my comfort zone. And speaking of Comfort Zone, here is the cover of Maggie Bonanomi's latest book that I received this summer. It's a must-have for those loving Folk Art and Primitive Designs.

Until now, I have always worked on several projects at the same time. But as you have read in my previous posts, I was very late on a project I want to finish : The Lady's Cabinet.
So, this summer I only worked on this project so that I could finish it in September. I'm working on the last part. and I should be ready to start the finishing very soon. For the top of the cabinet, I replaced the lady by a gentleman and I like the result very much. I thank July (from Judy's board) who graciously designed this gentleman for my cabinet. Here is my progress on the last part.

And here are all the different parts of the cabinet!

It's going to be absolutely gorgeous once finished. So keep coming back as you should see it in a couple of weeks!!

And finally, I'd also like to share with you a photo of the present for my wife's birthday last week. We both love handmade things and she loves bags, especially those made from antique fabrics. Lili Pain D'Epices created it. The photo doesn't do it justice, though. It is made from an old linen sheet which she dyed in grey-blue.

Love is the thread with which you quilt a better future ;-)
Until later,


  1. Good luck on reaching your goal for September :-) You can do it !

  2. I love the autumn, the colours,the smell, the candles in the house, the logfire....good luck with you fnish

  3. Autumn/fall - my favourite season too - the colours are spectacular sometimes!!

    And that's an amazing cross-stitch you're working on - good luck for a September finish!

    Really love your Amish cushion too - what a great find!


  4. Je découvre ta broderie et je suis en admiration devant ce travail. Bravo !
    Le coussin amish est superbe !
    Je rentre chez moi le week end prochain, j'ai hâte de voir mon jardin car, comme toi, je trouve que les mois de septembre et octobre subliment nos petits coins de paradis :-)

  5. Yes Autumn has got a special feel to it and colours are splendid over here too.
    Love the Amish cushion, great colour scheme.
    The comfort zone book must be right up your street after seeing your quilting pieces!.
    Your cabinet is coming along very well, I am impressed David, and love the male!! cannot wait to see it finished.

    You do know how to spoil a woman, that bag is gorgeous, love the initials on it, lucky wife :))

  6. Just wandered across your blog David, your photography and stitcheries are really lovely, thank you for sharing yourself and your days.

  7. The Lady's Cabinet looks fantastic! I am so envious! I joined JAT too late to get that pattern--I hope Judy makes it available again very soon :) Looking forward to seeing it all completed!

  8. je découvre ton je m'y plaît bien !!!
    à bientôt, bonne journée

  9. What a lovely post, David ! You manage to share your inner feelings so warmly & tenderly. Makes me feel like snuggling under a quilt right now !!

    Good luck on your Cabinet, it's going to be a masterpiece ! You already know I do love the bag you made for your wife, its is sooo stylish ! As is the chest I can partly see in your last picture ! Gosh, LOVE it !

  10. My goodness what a huge amount of stitching for the cabinet! You're right, it will be really gorgeous, and I can't wait to see it finished. Lovely bag for your wife - many happy (late) returns to her!

  11. De bien jolies choses que je viens de voir sur ton blog ! Bon courage pour ton loooong ouvrage que j'ai hâte de voir terminé... J'espère que la rentrée s'est bien passée... Bonne journée, Isabelle

  12. Hello David,

    It is interesting to see that even you have a problem completing one project before starting another. Your cross stitch is coming along, it certainly looks like it will be a big project. Happy Birthday to your wife,her bag is beautiful.
    Happy days.

  13. Thanks for sharing your lovely project.
    Like everyone else, I cannot wait to see it finished.

    You take beautiful still life photos.

  14. I'm very jealous to see the pretty autumn colors in you area! It's not here yet. lol And I love your Amish made scented cushion. I can even smell it from here :) Oh, "Comfort Zone", yes, I also love that book so much. Isn't it a beautiful book filled with great inspirations? I've been absolutely leaning towards to primitive stuff lately and this book is just perfect for my mood... Your class piece looks like coming along very well. Are you getting excited about the class? Thank you for sharing all the wonderful goodies.

  15. J'ai hâte de voir ton ouvrage terminé !
    Excellente journée.

  16. Hello David...what a wonderful inspiring blog you have...I love it!!! LOve the prim book...Civil War...and how you turn to your cottage with a book/ quilt...Just beautiful images...and here now we are turning to Spring in Australia...Dzintra♥x

  17. Hello David, what fun to come across your blog and see my book,Comfort Zone! We are still having some hot weather here in Missouri but there is the promise of fall to come. thanks for your kind words. I hope when you are caught up you will find a project to do!

  18. Bonjour David.
    Quelle belle saison que l'automne, qui nous offre de si belles couleurs ! Bravo pour ton "cabinet" j'ai hâte de le voir terminé.
    Es-tu dans les starting blocks pour Londres aussi ? Moi j'attends le matériel...
    A bientôt, j'espère. Sophie de Nantes

  19. Hanne, Erna, Julia, Laurence,Bertie, Sharyn, Teresa, Jubama, Natalie,Giovanna, Isabelle, Bev, Anne Marieke, Merumo, Françoise, Dzintra, Maggie (what a surprise it has been!!!) and Sophie.
    Thank you all for your nice comments. You've really motivated me!!! Indeed, September is such a busy time for me at work that I really needed your enthusiasm to make some progress!!! And it worked!! So, soon you will see the finished cabinet and I will resume piecing my two country quilts... .-))

  20. Oh David...I can't wait to see your cabinet finished. You better be planning on using beads on it. It just makes a striking statement with the beads. Of course the cabinet is beautiful and I love all your changes even without the beads...but the beads will make it just perfect. I can't wait to see it all finished.
    Hugs, Judy Odell


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