Friday, October 22, 2010


I have been VERY busy at work lately and it was difficult for me to get much stitching and quilting done.
Yet, there was one thing I could not delay!!!! It's the pre-stitching for the CA Wells's classes I will attend mid-November in London. Indeed, as it is a finishing class, you arrive with your pieces of linen already stitched. And this is what I'm doing right now. Want to see part of the mess on my desk ?

Well, I have to admit that I organized the mess a bit to take a nice photo for the blog!!!LOL

I think that I will be able to show you all these creations in December.

Once the pre-stitching for CAW's classes will be finished I will resume working on the Mystery Quilt2. I still have 2 blocks to sew and I'd like to finish piecing the top before the new year. Don't know if I will be able to, though!!!

My idea for 2011 is to quilt one project (the Mystery Quilt), to finish sewing the Civil War Tribute top and to have a stitching project in progress.
As is the tradition in the USA, I will start a new stitching project in January! I have already chosen and ordered it to be ready on January 1st. And I'm very excited about this lovely project. I'll show you as soon as I start it.

Besides working, stitching and quilting I read your blogs!!! And though I promised myself not to buy anything I must admit that I have been tempted by this post !!!! A booklet of pinkeeps for a good cause : the UNICEF.

It is a wonderful booklet with wonderful charts!

Nevertheless, I have been reasonable as I also found Elizabeth Precious 1817 as tempting as the booklet but I, definitely, don't have enough time!

Until later,

Sunday, October 10, 2010

An antique of the future or the Jane Austen Cabinet

I like to call all stitched projects I make, an antique of the future. Indeed, I like to stitch object I might have found in an attic or in a garage sale... a treasured piece that lost its value and became junk until one day someone sees it and rediscovers its true beauty...

This time, it is a cabinet. It was designed by Judy Odell from Just A Thought.
For those who don't know her, go to her website and register to her message board. You will find there a group of fellow stitchers, all of them having a passion for needle and thread. This group has been very inspirational and supportive!
For this cabinet I made a few minor changes from the original design and replaced the lady on the top lid by a gentleman. I had no chart for a gentleman and was incapable of drawing one. July from In the Company of Friends sent me this gentleman so I could stitch him on the cabinet! See!!! I told you this group is amazing!!!
Moreover, Judy Odell makes everything simple!!!! Her finishing explanations are so clear and detailed with photos at each step to make things clearer if need be that you cannot not succeed!!!

Moreover, all my antiques of the future have all the imperfections you can find in antiques!!!LOL

So now, imagine...

Once upon a time, in the English countryside, there was a nice country cottage and Elizabeth was stitching under a tree... Mr Darcy was sure to have seen her exactly there. Under this tree!! He kept coming back but there was no sign of her... until one sunny day, there she was...
Open the lid to find the rest of the story... As for the untold parts, they are well hidden in the drawers of this Jane Austen Cabinet!!

Thank you for reading my blog.
Until later,