Sunday, July 19, 2015

Summer stitching

It's been a long time... and high time to show you something.

As usual, I am very busy with my work and though I am on vacation for the summer break I have much to do for work and for a major professional project. But I do find time in the evening to play with my needles, finishing Di Ford's Mountmellick and The Basket by La Fée Pirouette. I have also found some time to start a new sampler.

Now that I have started stitching part 2,  I can show you  the first part of the Stitch Me Club 2015 project by Nataliejo from L'Atelier Perdu.

You know that I am a great fan of each project that Natalie designs. I have never been disappointed and I think she is a very talented designer, one of my favourite with Merry Cox and CA Wells.

As I did for the previous sampler that she had designed, I am stitching it on 40-count linen using tent stitch. It is teeny tiny but the result is really delicate.

The second part is  as charming as the first one and the four-part sampler is going to be another heirloom.

I know some of you had regretted not signing up for The Patches Of Life Sampler so if you wish to stitch this one, do not delay as it is available , as always with Natalie's patterns, for a short period of time (until the club ends).

Quilting and stitching brings me peace and joy in a manner I can hardly explain. Add to that some very good books on my nightstand, some flavourful tomatoes picked directly in the garden and prepared with some olive oil and fresh basil. Plus, the piano played by Louise who is now back after a year in the USA and her sister who is about to arrive before leaving for Seattle where she will study for the autumn quarter. Add also the long evening  talks with my wife for our future projects now that she has been cured from cancer. Not mentioning the wonderful lunches or dinners with friends from time to time. All this make my life a beautiful one filled with simplicity and love... I wish nothing else and enjoy every second of this blissful time. It really makes the work I have to do very easy and even enjoyable :-)

I wish you all a beautiful summer, and for my friends and readers in the southern hemisphere I hope you can stay warm ;-)
Here in the south of France it is VERY hot these days, so hot that eating on the terrasse for lunch is almost impossible!

Until later,