Thursday, April 16, 2015

A quilted flower vase.

Two years ago, I spent a weekend with friends on the Atlantic coast and we attended a class with Cécile Franconie from Facile Cécile.

On that day, we embroidered a blue tit, or chickadee if you live across the ocean. I finished the embroidery quite quickly after that weekend but had absolutely no idea on how to use that piece... until a few days ago.

This is spring break here. I had some time and plenty of energy and creative ideas so I finally jumped into making something. And here is the result. I hope you like it. And I also hope that Cécile will like the way I finished this piece.

These last few days, I played a game with my FB friends asking them to guess what I would create. Well, nobody has found that it would be a flower vase but some were very close with ideas like a pencil box or a fabric scraps jar. It can be used for that too!

As I know many of my friends were waiting to discover what I would have made,  I ran to my florist's - one of the most beautiful shop in my town owned by a talented and creative lady - and she immediately made up a bouquet for the vase. Thank you Carine, it is a perfect choice for the vase. And because my quilted vase is not waterproof, it simply holds  a glass jar inside ;-)

And here a detail on the handquilting.

If you are tempted by this embroidery, it is included in Cécile's new book : Les fantaisies quiltées et brodées de Cécile. She has made a pouch with this embroidery.

Though, I am not the designer of the embroidery, I feel that making a personal finish, I have, for once, created something.

Now I will get ready for Brouage and Nantes. When I am back from the quilt show in Nantes, I will post photos for those of you who cannot go.

Another reason, for me, to be happy is that part 5 of my Di Ford Mystery Quilt is finished :-)

Until later,