Sunday, November 16, 2014

Time to work towards finishing a few projects!

Sometimes seeing all the WIPs I have can be very depressing!!! So I have decided not to let things like that and am now working towards  finishing a few projects.

And the first one, on the list is this beautiful sampler by L'Atelier Perdu. I am stiching it  just like Nataliejo stitched it : tent stitch on 40-count linen. It is tiny but soooo elegant when stitched like that. I love smalls so it fits perfectly with the rest of my collection.

Wish I could spend even more time on it, but my to-do list for my job keeps on filling up by itself... When I seem to have ticked all I had to do, I quickly notice that there is even more that is added!

Anyway, stitching the sampler is a great way to escape from time to time.

The holiday season is not far now, so may it fill your home and your heart with joy, peace and love.

Until later,