Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It is that time of year... 2014!!!

As I type this blog post, there are many people already celebrating the passage from 2013 to 2014. Others are getting ready to celebrate, so I thought it was high time for me to wish each and every one of you a very Happy New Year. May 2014 bring you joy, happiness and good health.

Reflecting on the year 2013, I do realize that this blog has enabled me to share my passion for needle and thread. I first want to thank all the designers that inspire me and make my fingers want to stitch continuously. I also really want to thank YOU all and to express my gratitude for your visits and comments. It is such a pleasure to see that I can share my passion with so many people all around the world.

Thank you also for your own blogs that I love visiting too ;-)

Yesterday, I managed to finish a little project from the book Quilt And Dog Cottage by Véronique Réquéna. This is the last project for 2013.

How about finishing another project on the first day of 2014 ?

Happy New Year,

Monday, December 30, 2013

Handquilting : second block

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Only two days and the year will end... what will 2014 bring ? I wish it will bring you joy, love and, above all, keep you in good health.

Here is my progress on the handquilting of my daughter's quilt.

For the quilting design, I have made no effort on this block as I have used Sakae's quilting design which was just perfect for the block. I only changed the basket quilting and used my fabric print for it.

I will try to be a little bit more creative for the other blocks as I will use the fabric design for two blocks.

Have a great New Year celebration,

Until later,

Monday, December 16, 2013


I love handquilting. It is a quiet and peaceful process, almost therapeutic. Handquilting really turns a top into a quilt. It makes the quilt alive, vibrant, filled with all the energy and love put into quilting it.




I have known that for  a long  time, so  could you tell me why it takes me so long to start quilting a top ?

One block done.  I hand quilt one hour a day to achieve my goal of finishing the quilt before mid-February. Wish me luck!

Until later,

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Books review.

I have read so many books lately that it is difficult to choose which ones to talk about. The Kinfolk Table Cookbook is fantastic as are the people in the book. The age issue of Kinfolk magazine has made me think about life and the fact that we are all growning old. The beautiful book Passagère Du Silence by Fabienne Verdié which was recommended by Verom from Côté Passion has moved me deeply ...........but I will here only talk about quilting books.

Before starting this post I want you to know that the titles of the books are in italics and the publishers are between brackets. If you want to see sample pages, go to the publisher's website and you will find a link to see a few pages from the book. (No affliliation with any publisher mentioned)
All the photos come from the publishers' websites and I couldn't change the size.

Well, back to my post.....As you may know by now, I like different quilting styles and have stopped trying to choose only one or two. This is way too difficult for me! Indeed, I like traditional reproduction quilts, Japanese taupe quilts and country, folk art and primitive quilts. I like reproduction fabrics, homespun, Japanese taupes, wool, linen, to name a few... I even like modern quilts when they are reinterpretations of traditional ones.

In every magazine I read, what I prefer is the story behind the quilts : what inspiration is behind,  when it was made, what fabrics were used. For the same reason I am always interested by books about quilt history.

Chintz Quilts from The Poos Collection (Quiltmania) is just perfect to bring  delightful hours of discovery and learning. What I think I really appreciate in this book are all the close-up photos.


Still about traditional quilts inspired by antiques, I  like Petra Prins and Ann Moonen's Promenade Dans Un Jardin Hollandais (Quiltmania). It is great to see the antique version and its interpretation side by side. This is my first book by Petra Prins and it is inspiring.

Now about the Japanese books that arrived on my book shelves.

First, Reiko Kato's new book Mother's Dream Friends (Quiltmania). Though I am not really a great fan of Sue and Billy, I really enjoy making the Quiltmania's 2013 BOM. It is fun and as always with Reiko Kato, there are so many details that the blocks are to die for!!! For the book I love how creative Reiko Kato is in her designs and must admit that I dream of making this round quilt on the front cover. I especially like the last row of houses and  I know the technique to finish the roofs. It is the technique I had learnt when making the round tulle basket with the row of houses a few years ago.

 Another great book is Les Modèles Traditionnels en Leçons  by Yoko Saito (Quiltmania). I am very happy to have the French version as in this book, there is a text for almost every block in the book and I wanted to understand what was written. These traditional blocks made in Japanese taupe fabrics are just splendid!!

Another book by Yoko Saito has just been translated in English. Japanese Taupe Color Theory (Stitch Publications) It  is a study book for the use of Japanese taupe colors. No translation in French existed! Now there are many aspects of the use of Japanese taupes which appear less obscure to me. I can now start planning a palette with my Japanese fabrics and gain confidence thanks to this book. I can use the taupe color wheel to select and organize my fabrics for a specific project.

For my love of country quilts, Quilt And Dog Cottage by Véronique Réquéna (Tutti Frutti éditions), is a fantastic book with projects for beginners as well as more experienced quilters. It is quite different from other quilting books as the approach to quilting is seen through decoration in the very specific style of Véronique Réquéna's quilt shop "Born To Quilt".
I have already made two projects from this book : a scarf (see previous post) and a small framed design with buttons which you will see as soon as it is framed. What I like is that each project can be adapted for your own house and home decor just by picking up your favourite fabrics.

And to finish this books review, the last book is by Maggie Bonanomi and is entitled Another Place and Time (Kansas City Star). I love what the author creates. In this book, she uses lots of neutrals and beiges and browns, not too far, in a way, from the Japanese taupe color palette but definitely in a very different style! One might see contracdiction in enjoying the detailed crafmanship of Japanese quilts and the simplicity and primitive look of the creations of Maggie Bonanomi. Well, I only see variety!  I like both and enjoy making projects from all these different designers.

Last but not least, I have, like many of you, discover the new App for Ipad from Quiltmania. This is not a PDF version of the paper magazine but more an expanded version of it with more photos and videos. I simply love the design and the interactivity of this app.
Though I am not ready  to give up the paper version yet, I may download an Ipad version from time to time.

Well, Christmas is just round the corner now, so  enjoy the holiday season. Here we will have the visit of two friends from Lake Oswego, Oregon who will spend Christmas with us and after that we will relax and keep on taking care of ourselves so that spring can see us celebrate a complete recovery for my wife.

Until later,