Wednesday, November 22, 2017

A new BOM in 2018 ?

Are you looking for a BOM in 2018? I thought I would share with you my experience with the 2017 BOM by Sarah Fielke .

The 2017 BOM is called Down The Rabbit Hole. Sarah Fielke's BOMs are kind of special in the way they work. You have a sketch of the final quilt given but no measurements and the borders and motifs are not drawn to size. But you have an idea of what the quilt will look like at the end when you sign up. This was the sketch which has tempted me.

Each month, you get a very detailed document with lots of explanations, all the measurements and photos to explain everything. It is like a class document and each month contains many pages in a .pdf format. But the real bonus are the videos where Sarah shows all the techniques that are explained in the .pdf document. I am not a beginner quilter and yet I have learnt a lot. I am also certain that a beginner quilter can achieve great results!

Let me show you my progress all along this year.

This was after 5 months.

Two borders have been added on the following photo.


I am now working on the following large borders with the jumping and sitting rabbits. I started with the flower in the middle of the border.

 I have already added flowers and bees to these two jumping rabbits borders (but have not taken a photo yet) and  I am now currently working on the sitting rabbits borders which also have vines, leaves and flowers. then I will add the last pieced border and the quilt will be finished. I think I will have finished before New Year's eve. The quilt is quite big as you can see on the photos. There were some new machine piecing techniques for me and lots of hand-appliqué which I love!
Moreover there were bonus patterns throughout the year which is also great!  The Hussif I blogged about last February was one of the bonus pattern.

Many versions are done with bright modern fabrics by quilters from all around the world. I have, on the contrary, chosen to work with repro fabrics and to work with my stash only, apart from the background fabrics. It was a challenge but it has been a real stash buster and I have discovered some treasures I had completely forgotten about!!!

This year, there are 2 BOMs offered! Looks like it is going to be another fabulous year! The quilts this year are called : Simple Folk and the Grasshopper and the registrations are now open. You can clik on the image to learn more or even watch Sarah's introduction video.


I will post photos of my Down The Rabbit Hole quilt when it is finished.

Until later,