I missed the needles...

... and I also missed posting on my blog... but so much has been going on here this past month. Back-to-school is a VERY busy period for me as I teach both students and teachers and all my energy goes toward planning and preparing the entire school year. I also work on two international educative projects which take time.

My needles have been left behind for more than a month except for a regular handquilting time in order to finish my daughter's quilt before winter. And guess what??? I'm almost done! Only the surrounding band of squares are not quilted yet but will be soon.

My friend from Portland came over and spend 10 days here. It was a real pleasure to have her around and remember the past 20 years we've known each other. At the same time we also had a bittersweet feeling as her husband, who passed away last year, wasn't there as usual. I admired him a lot and he will stay alive in my memory.

Well, things are getting back to normal, I guess, and I can now resume stitching and quilting at a more regular pace.
First, I want to finish Natalie's summer project... Natalie, if you read this post, I think you will have a good laugh!!!! I know I told you I had planned to finish it before school started!!! Did I mention a year ????? Don't worry, I can do it and WILL do it before a new school year starts ;-)

See, I resumed stitching yesterday evening and started part 3. Save me a spot in the group picture ;-)

And when the quilt is binded and the pocket finished, I will start another lovely project with Jackie Du Plessis. I'd better hurry as the finishing online class is in November.

It is now fall and my maple tree is here to prove it.

But with the temperatures that are still summer-like, we could doubt it. The good point though, is that we could have had dinner on the terrace so far.

Thank you for being still around. I wish you a happy fall season and leave you with a photo of the olive tree in my garden I took this morning.

Until later,


  1. So glad to have you back, David, I was beginning to worry! Pleased to hear that life is a little less frenetic and that you can enjoy stitching again. You are going to love Thistlewood; I took the class with Jackie last year in the UK and am delighted with the finished design. I'm off to the US in Dec. to the 25th anniversary of Xmas in Williamsburg seminar. I'm taking another class with Jackie, as well as a sampler class with Joanne Harvey. I bet you wish you were coming! Enjoy your stitching. Sue in Normandie.

  2. Hi Sue, This is fantastic!!! Xmas in Williamsburg! Awesome! I'll be thinking of you. Enjoy your time there. Hope to see you again in Nantes.

  3. Gorgeous quilt David, your daughter must be delighted!! Thistlewood is on my list too, I have not started it yet either, gosh so much to do and so little time!
    Oh that Sue is so lucky to go to Williamsburg, yes I am jealous too lol. I do know Sue and about time she started a blog!
    Your trees look fabulous and lovely to hear your temperatures are still fine:)
    Have a great weekend.

  4. It's great to see a post from you again, and all the great projects you're working on. Beautiful stitching and sewing!

  5. Hi David, it was so good to read your post, I love your daughter's quilt! All your stitching is lovely.

  6. Beautiful garden. I am a fairly new follower of your blog. Your daughter's quilt is gorgeous, and love that little hexie.. I'm currently in the middle of a hexie addiction. ugh. ha! Look forward to future posts. :)

  7. Great post - beautiful projects. I'm stitching Thistlewood too, and need to get going so I am ready for assembly with the rest of the class!

  8. Beautiful colours & quilting in your daughter's quilt....do we get to see the quilt spread out over a bed when you have finished it?
    Here in Melbourne, Australia, the spring blossom is out, although today is windy & the sky is grey. from Jenny McH

  9. Your daughter's quilt has a certain look about it. The hand quilting really makes it special. Nice to see you back.

  10. Oh the quilt is looking gorgeous and I'm so glad you're able to get back to your stitching and quilting. That Jackie piece is going to be stunning!

  11. Beautiful picture of a beautiful quilt David.

  12. Hello David, ce quilt pour ta fille va être superbe : je pense qu'elle doit l'attendre avec impatience....les photos de tes arbres sont magnifiques, ici les arbres n'ont pas encore pris leur robe automnale mais cela ne saurait tarder :-)
    Bien amicalement,

  13. j'adore le quilt pour ta fille! et tout le reste aussi d'ailleurs :o)

  14. Lovely quilt David! It is true it is a busy time for teachers now with all the planning and getting to know all the new students!
    It is always nice to read your posts and see your beautiful projects!!!
    have a lovely week


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