Mystery Quilt 2. Block 5 and 6.

Six months done!!! And six to go!!!
This quilt is going to be great. I can make it somewhat personal by picking up my own fabrics, colors and I can also add small details like using the Kurumi buttons for the berries.

Do you remember the first 4 blocks of the Mystery Quilt 2 from Born To Quilt ?

For block 5, I have changed the names on the pincushions and have created small tags with 19th century dates.

Block 6 is my favourite!!!! Don't you like all these red berries I was talking about ?

Thank you for your comments! I have just realized that there are comments I had not read so I have changed the settings so that all comments will go to my mailbox. I will read them all now! Don't hesitate to say "Hi" if you stopped by...
Until later,


  1. j'aime beaucoup et ai une petite préférence pour le bloc 5 : son bonhomme de neige, les dates..
    Si, j'ai bien compris, tu as obtenu le volume de fruits du bloc 6 avec les petits boutons blancs ? Je ne connaissais pas et vais retenir l'idée.
    Bonne soirée !

  2. What a lovely quilt, quilting isn't really my thing ,I love stitching but I love reading your blog

  3. I love your quilt so far! So pretty!

  4. tout ceci est bien magnifique ... a bientot

  5. Ton nouveau bloc ....j'adore !!! tu as superbement choisi les tissus :-))
    A très bientôt,

  6. j'aime beaucoup de bloc avec les bonhommes de neige !
    ce quilt mystère est vraiment très beau !!!


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