Mystery Quilt 2 from Born To Quilt

Thanks to different blogs, I have discovered very talented quilt designers. One blog was particularly inspiring. It was L'Atelier Perdu fromNataliejo. This is how I discovered the quilt shop Born To Quilt.
The shop is owned by Veronique Requena and she has now designed her second mystery quilt. I think it is great to have a new block each month. Month 4 of this mystery quilt is the block you can see as my banner. We receive the block pattern and the lovely wooden buttons that go with it and we choose our own fabrics and colors which is great for this project. So let me show you the 3 blocks that came before the one in the banner.Let's go backwards from block 3 to 1. Block 2 has two identical blocks with a reverse image (there is only one in the photo). I have chosen the Moda fabric line Madeira by Blackbird Designs for this project.

So, as you can see, I love country quilts and everything FolkArt. I like Blackbird Designs creations and Maggie Bonanomi projects very much.
Besides country and FolkArt quilts, I also like antique and reproduction quilts. But there are other types of quilts I also love : the quilts of the Japanese quilters Yoko Saito and Reiko Kato. These are for another post... as well as my passion for stitching.
Until later,

Edit : There is a new banner, so here is the photo of block 4.


  1. Hi David, tes blocs me plaisent vraiment , vraiment beaucoup et j'aime beaucoup le choix de tes tissus :-))
    A très bientôt,

  2. C'est toujours sympathique de voir une nouvelle interprétation du Mystery Quilt de Véro : très beaux ces blocs et finement travaillés ! merci pour la délicieuse recette du Chicken and curry Pie !

    Catherine, une mystery quilteuse de l'atelier des filles

  3. bonjour david
    je decouvre votre univers ... et me voici sous le charme !!!! je souhaite debuter en patch applique et les creas de born to quilt me tentent evidement ...
    bravo pour votre interpretation!
    le sapin en pot est très beau ... quel volume par le choix des tissus !
    bonne journée

  4. Ce que vous faites est SUPERBE !Je vois que comme moi vous appréciez beaucoup le Quilt mystère de Born to Quilt !


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