Cécile Franconie. Pour L'Amour Du Fil #5

Who doesn't know Cécile Franconie in France? You may probably know her from her famous blog Facile Cécile. Cécile is the person with whom I had embroidered the chickadee. Do your remember? This is the embroidery I turned into a quilted vase.

Cécile's house in the quilt exhibition was different from the other artists. Her house was a corner of her booth. Trying to get close was really difficult whatever the day and the time as there were so many people! You can really see that the book launch was a real success! And a well deserved one, IMHO. The book is filled with projects and creativity. The book looks like her so much. Cécile's works are like her, I think... modern with a touch of traditional or should I say traditional with a touch of modernity? Each project is spring-like with all the blooming embroidered flowers. 

Look at the atmosphere and presentation of her creations. It reflects Cécile's world perfectly.

When making a project from another designer, here Di Ford's Mountmellick, she transforms it to make it a very personal version.  Have a look below at this quilt. Don't you like? I LOVE it! I also love the version of one of Cécile's friend.
Cécile's version is the first photo below, her friend's is the second.

Everything is lovely, from the choice of fabrics to the embroideries decorating the blocks.

A beautiful presentation of charming quilts, creative boxes, pouches and so much more. A vintage feeling in a modern world.

Have you seen her mini Ipad case with 1/4 inch inch hexagons? OMG!!! This is such a beautiful case. Click here if you want to see it ;-)

And here is the link if you want to browse through the pages of her book.

Two more posts will follow about this quilt show before resuming posting about my works ;-)

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  1. I am amazed with this lady, her works remind me of fairy tales - so beautiful and so attractive, I always smile when look at all these colours :-) Thank you for sharing !!

  2. Merci pour ces belles photos David, tu sais que je suis une grande FAN !

    1. Oh oui je sais Cathy!!! Et quand je vois ses modèles que tu as réalisé, j'ai vraiment envie de m'y mettre!!! Très étonnamment, les broderies me font toujours peur et je crains de m'y lancer. Pourtant, que ce soit avec Cécile ou La Fée, j'y suis toujours arrivé... Je dois manquer de pratique...

  3. Merci une fois de plus David pour cette très belle balade dans le monde de Cécile...... En ce moment je ne me lasse pas de feuilleter son nouveau livre qui est une vraie merveille.

  4. It looks beautiful. Lovely colors and materials. very special.

  5. Gracias, David, me encantan sus diseños!!

  6. Hi David, just back from France and starting to catch up. Enjoyed my time there and the people I met. Good blog. Cheers Leigh.

  7. Hi David - I LOVE her work - and her iPad cover was amazing with those 1/4 inch hexagons. I also enjoy looking at her blog as her photos are stunning.

  8. Saw her work at Southbank Brisbane. ..and Loved it...as I love sewing of All sorts..went out and bought lots to practice my own inventions...


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