My mistake on the Mystery Quilt

Though I haven't stitched the last block, I started piecing all the blocks together into rows. I even stitched the two middle rows with the sashing band in between.

I was so happy that I laid out all the bands on the floor so I can have an idea of what the quilt is going to be like!!!
That's when I realized that in row three I inadvertently switched the two cottage blocks! The Christmas cottage block should be in the middle and the other one on the right.
So I have two big cottages in the middle of the quilt, one under the other and there a third one in row four!!

The last block of the MQ of Born To Quilt is going to be this one :

I haven't stitched it yet!

It should go on the last row, on the right.

Because of my mistake, I am wondering if I shouldn't put the last block on the left and appliqué the mirror image of the rabbit and bird.

Right now, I just don't know what to do! I will piece the two last sashing bands (between row 1 and 2 and between row 3 and 4) before deciding.

Woud you like to help me reach a final decision ? Let me know where you would put the last block. Thank you very much in advance ;-)

I wish you all a wonderful weekend,
Until later,


  1. I think your solution is best David - shift the bottom row blocks. Just mho :-) It's going to be lovely quilt!

  2. Your quilt is going to be gorgeous! I would go with your solution to put the bunny on the left.

  3. Since ripping out and replacing doesn't sound like you want it as an option and so much work is done on it, I would suggest the placement in the lower left hand corner like your photo #2 might suggest.
    It is gorgeous and you have done so much long and tedious work on it. The lower left corner gives more balance to the houses due to the fact that there are two "sets" of a house on top of another house. In the first photo the 3 houses on top of each other makes the 4th house look out of place.
    I am not familiar with this pattern and I would not know the difference having never seen it before. As long as you are happy with the placement of your blocks that's all that really matters. You have to live with the quilt and love it. Looking forward to what you decide. Don't sweat it too much it will be beautiful however you do it. :)

  4. ta solution semble la meilleure. Elle permet d'alléger l'ensemble

  5. Well David you just have to rip it out and do it all over again ROFLOL!!
    I am totally useless when it comes to these blocks and anything looks fine to me:))
    Have a great weekend.

  6. If you are not happy with it (and that's how it sounds) I would rip it out and redo the bits with the mistake.

    But as others have mentioned, it doesn't sound like you want that as an option.

    In that case I would keep all the cottages in the middle and put the very cute rabbit on the right and the 'plant with birds' on the left.

  7. Hi David, I read and re-read your post and I am trying to think what I would do! Personally, if it was me I would undo it and redo and position correctly, but that is me! Your quilt truly is so beautiful and all your blocks are stunning, it won't be too much trouble really to undo. All the best with your choice and I look forward to seeing your quilt completed. It is just magnificent! Ann

  8. How fun! I love to see the progress pictures, even if you have a mistake! lol Well, can you just rip out that bad row and redo it? If that's not your option, then I agree with your opnion about the last block. Either way, I see you are enjoying this lovely quilt :)))

  9. Your quilt is going to be wonderful. I think that you've come up with a good solution for the blocks.

  10. You have to remember that this is going to be your quilt and what you are happy with is all that matters. I would put the big house in the middle again[row4]

  11. What a wonderful quilt, and really they aren't mistakes but opportunities to make the quilt uniquely yours. Your solution for your last block is a wonderful one, and I salute you for thinking of it. Enjoy, and relax, it's not rocket science, but a great piece that is uniquely yours.

  12. moi je préfère la deuxième version car sinon les 3 maisons l'une sous l'autre ce n'est pas très joli

    bon courage


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