Nantes 2016. Linda Collins and Linda Koenig

You do know how much I love traditional quilts. I have been following Linda Collins quilt journey through the reports in Quiltmania and through blogs. I had not met her last year and was happy that she was back and with a book and several quilts.

Linda Koenig is a quilter I had met in Nantes a few years ago and I still remember the little chat we had at that time and had made myself a promise! If she was to come back I would not miss the opportunity to attend a class with her. She is a fabulous person! It was a GREAT class!!!

Having read their books before the quilt show was great as I had admired the quilts on paper and wanted to see them in the flesh and look closely at the details and the quilting. Moreover, I got the opportunity, to meet Judy. You don't know who Judy is? Go to Linda Koenig's book Ratsburg Road Quilts, page 55,  to discover who she is. But for you here she is in the last photo.

I want to personnally thank Linda Collins and Linda Koenig for their kindness and the time spent showing me their quilts and chatting about our common passion.
All the stories in the books make each quilt special and inspiring. I love quilts but I also love the stories behind so it is always a pleasure for me to read a quilting book  including them along with the patterns.

Enjoy the photos of these timeless treasures...

Linda Collins

Linda Koenig


  1. Oh, I love these quilts, both Linda's wrote beautiful books, I have them both and look into them quite often. Linda Collins was sweet enough to gift me a set of her Pyramid templates, am working on the first blocks now, such fun to make!

  2. Linda Koenig's house looks so fabulous ! Very traditional - who could resist ?

  3. Love this post- beautiful pictures- yes her books are fabulous-


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