Quiltshow "Pour l'Amour Du Fil" (2)

Let's first go to the United States and meet Maggie Bonanomi, Linda Koenig and Kathy Campbell.

I have known Maggi's creations for a long time. I have all her books and I like the primitive style. The class with Maggie was delightful and we discovered that a cousin of Harold, her husband, used to live in Lake Oswego, Oregon, which is the place where my friends live. We talked about places we both knew. I'll tell you more about the class and will show you the project in the post about the classes I attended.

As for Linda Koenig, I didn't know her at all and stopped speechless when entering her "house". Her traditional scrap quilts where breathtaking. I was very lucky to be able to have a little chat with her about what she does and how she works. Enlightening! I will always remember this moment...

Kathy  Campbell, from Heart To Hand, exhibited her folk art quilts and creations. Her house was full of charm and warmth. Enjoy...

 ... to be continued...


  1. Oh la ,la, David, je me régale en lisant tes posts et que tes photos sont belles et si vivantes.Je crois qu'il me faudra plusieurs jours pour bien tout voir :-))
    A tout bientôt,;

  2. Je me régale, je me régale devant tes beaux reportages.....

  3. Que de bons souvenirs... que de belles expos... on ne s'est pas rencontré... une autre année peut-être ! Bonne reprise (demain ??) ! bizzz

  4. Beautiful quilts, just amazing, I loved this post.

  5. Drooling! Oh my gosh, thanks for sharing these wonderful photos! I especially love Maggie and her designs!

  6. là franchement tu as photographié tout ce que j'aurai aimé voir , je peux dire que tu as été mes yeux LOL
    merci David

  7. Oh! I love Kathy Campbell work! I see Nantes has been really interesting, so many good artists
    Thanks a lot for the posts, they are delightful!!
    I will go to Nantes next year


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