Quiltshow "Pour l'Amour Du Fil" (6)

For this last post about the quiltshow in Nantes I will show you pictures taken during the three classes. Three different atmospheres, three different designers from three different countries...

The class with Reiko Kato was a one-day class. It wasn't new for me as I had already taken two classes with Reiko. This sewing box was a challenge though! I managed to make half of the roof in class and to do the appliqués on one side. It shouldn't take long to finish it.

I started with this...

... and will (hopefully) finish with this ;-)

The details are really charming... even the inside of the box is beautiful and perfectly finished.

With Maggie Bonanomi, I made the peapod pincushion. What a lovely project!  It was a fun and relaxed class with a lot of talking and stitching. And at the end of the class, the project was finished. Unfortunately, I didn't take many photos while in class...

Finally, the class with Kathy Doughty.

The first thing I will put to practise now is the use of a design wall to audition the fabrics.

Then, I will also consider the fabric itself as well as  all the possibilities of fussy cutting for achieving different effects... again the design wall is very useful to test.

This is one finished block Kathy brought. This one is quilted because we discussed the different quilting possibilities we have to consider before pressing the seam allowances to one side or the other.

Finally these are different blocks (not completely sewn) on the design wall made by the participants. 

My block is the one on the left in the last picture. I still need to sew the inner circle and the outer pieces.

To make these blocks, we had to pick up a fabric pack prepared by Kathy and each one of us had to audition their fabrics, choose which one will be used for a specific piece in the block and decide on a fussy cut to achieve a special effect. As you can see, I didn't pick a multicoloured pack!!!

In the last picture, you can see that a lady picked up the same fabric pack as me and we chose a totally different use of the fabrics for a totally different effect at the end.

As Kathy explained, there is no right or wrong, it is just something that is very personal.

One of the quilt in Kathy's book is called Soul Searching! Well, it says it all.

It was a wonderful class :-)

Until later,

Edit : April 24th 2012

I have just finished the block and wanted to share it with you ;-)


  1. Wahou quels ateliers merveilleux ! La petite maison... sublime... les petits pois... j'adore.... les blocs de patchs... j'ai adoré l'expoi alors j'adore tous ces jolis blocs (pas faciles j'imagine !!) Bravo David !

  2. The sewing box -house is beautiful. I like the peapod and I like to work out colours on my design wall too. I hope to buy Kathy's new book soon

  3. They all look like lovely classes - the cottage is particularly charming. Enjoy the journey of making it!

  4. Merci pour tous ces beaux reportages, David !
    On a presque l'impression d'y être, c'est chouette !
    J'adore la petite maison de Reiko, elle est adorable, ainsi que le Peapod !De bien beaux souvenirs que tu ramènes avec toi :-)

  5. Que tes articles sont intéressants David:-) j'aime beaucoup tes impressions concernant ces trois classes bien différentes mais il semble bien qu'à chaque classe, tu as ressenti un plaisir différent mais tout aussi fort : c'est vraiment super !!
    Belle après-midi:-)

  6. The classes looked both fun and challenging. Enjoy!

  7. So interesting. Love the quilted cottage.

  8. So many treasures and great classes. I have to say that pea pod is just wonderful!

  9. Love your fabric pack David and the cottage is just lovely!! I love the way how creative you really are, your block looks wonderful. It is a must probably to take this class, could not see myself do that in a jiffy:))
    Have a good week:))

  10. 3 classes différentes mais que te souvenirs et d’expériences en plus ....Évidement j'aurai craqué sur la classe de Reiko.....Bon si l'an prochain elle fait de nouvelles classes à Nantes et bien je serai de la partie.....
    Tu me boostes avec tous ces beaux reportages ça fait un bien fou.....Merci.

  11. J'ai apprécié tous tes reportages sur ce merveilleux salon. Si on me donnait la possibilité de m'y rendre, c'est sûr que je n'hésiterai pas un instant ! les classes sont vraiment de grande qualité.
    Merci pour ton partage.
    Bisxxx et douce soirée.

  12. love all your projects David. How wonderful to participate with such classes-a great experience. The house is particularly beautiful with such detail and I love the pod also. Thanks for sharing,

  13. The cottage box is gorgeous, I love the fabric that is used.
    The block you made is beautiful.
    What a different is the block off the lady from yours! It's nice to see that too.
    Thank for sharing the pictures from the classes.
    Have a nice week, Evelyne

  14. David, I love all your projects, and I envy you taking such classes with such talent. Thank you for sharing, I really enjoy it.

  15. Ta boite à couture est ravissante, David. Vraiment !
    Je n'ai pas pu aller à Nantes alors un grand merci à toi pour les superbes reportages que tu nous a ramenés ! Je viens de faire une longue visite et ce fut un plaisir. :-)

  16. I especially love your Peas in a Pod.....so unique....ciao Alison

  17. Toutes ces réalisations sont magnifiques, j'aime tout particulièrement ce que tu as réalisé avec Reiko Kato
    Merci pour ces très beaux reportages, j'aurais aimé y être et grâce à toi, j'y étais un peu
    Gros bisous

  18. I love The peapod pinkeep.....you did a perfect job on it.
    Is it featured in any of Maggie's books?

    1. Thanks AB. Unfortunately, it is not featured in one of Maggi's book.

  19. ohh I hoped....thanks for your answer..

  20. Great work, David. Thanks so much for sharing all the impressions of the quilt show.

    Reiko was in Amsterdam on Friday, but I had already taken a day off to take a class with Lynette Anderson on Tuesday. Now I know for sure I should have attended Reiko's class too!

    Looking forward to seeing your photos of the cottage as you work on it.

  21. Hello David, this is really the most wonderful blog I have ever seen. Simply gorgeous works and exactly my taste. It´s an honor to have you on the follower list of my blog


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