Quiltshow "Pour l'Amour Du Fil" (4)

As promised, we are going to  Sydney, Australia to meet Brigitte Giblin and Kathy Doughty.

Be ready for a completely different universe... or so I thought... full of colours, light, sunshine!!! Life in full bloom.

I thought it was very different from the traditional quilts but there are so many things in common, too! The patterns are not so different. My natural attraction goes to antique quilts using neutral colors. I tend to prefer taupes, browns, faded blues and greys to any other colors. Yet, one of the first big quilt I made was Spring Garden by Liza Prior Lucy using Kaffe Fasset fabric collections. It was not a flashy quilt though! But Kathy Doughty's quilts attract my eye. I like them but I am afraid of using colors in my quilts. I am not creative at all. That's why I went to a class with Kathy. I have learnt a lot. But more about that in the post about the classes.
Enjoy these colourful quilts which are, as kathy says, a promise of joy!

Brigitte Giblin

Kathy Doughty

What a fascinating trip around the world! And visiting the houses was not everything you could see at the show.

... to be continued...


  1. Beautiful quilts, I did hear of this lady from the Petra Prins website, so unusual!
    Thanks for showing these David:)

  2. Forgot to mention that the class must have been a colourful journey :))

  3. what a great group of quilts. Love all the bright colors. You always have such interesting posts, David. Thanks.

  4. I thought you had really been to Australia!! Now I understand it was in Nantes!!
    How great! It must have been fantastic taking those courses!!

  5. merci David pour ces belles photos - la derniere (numero 21) n'est pas de Kathy, mais l'un des miens... J'espere que tu feras bientot des hexagones - methode anglaise!
    Brigitte Giblin

    1. merci de me l'avoir signalé, j eviens de déplcer la photo pour qu'elle soit au bon endroit. Vraiment désolé de cette erreur.
      Et merci beaucoup d'être passé par là et d'avoir laissé un petit mot ;-)

  6. Your blog is wonderful, I have been following for just a little while and you have already inspired me to take a Jackie DuPlessis class with SNS. I loved it and will hopefully take more of her classes. Your quilting is gorgeous, I wish I had more time to do more of that as well. Good luck with your renovations and please post pictures of it!!


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