Quiltshow "Pour l'Amour Du Fil" (5)

Let's now go round the quiltshow.

The scarves and funny animals in the Selvedge booth caught my eye.

We could admire beautiful quilts when going upstairs.

 The incredible work of Misao Wada.

The tea cosies of Loani Prior .

Michelle Charvet's stunning boutis.

Beautiful quilts in Petra Prins's booth.

The delicate and poetic atmosphere of Aurelia from Dentelles Oxydées.

A beautiful embroidery.

That is not everything there was to see, of course...

I do hope that I have been able to give you an idea of what it was like.

Thank you very much Carol and Quiltmania for organizing such a show in France. I also want  to thank Isabelle, Christelle and Mathilde for their kindness and attention.

Next week, I'll show you photos of the classes I attended.

Until later,


  1. Thank you for all those detailed photo's. I've been there too! I was on holiday in the Vendée and went on thursday by train. I didn't expect that it was such a beautiful show. I enjoyed it very much. Had a very nice chat with Kathy Doughty and Linda Koenig as well, they both make beautiful work.

  2. Yes you definitely have given me an idea David, and a must next year!!! Thanks for your inspirational post~)

  3. Thanks for the lovely photos.

  4. Thank you for sharing your lovely pictures - looks like a lovely show!

  5. I am sitting here enjoying breakfast and these beautiful pictures. What an amazing time you had in Nantes. The embroidery and quilts are incredibly stunning. Thank you David for sharing your pictures.

  6. Génial ce très long reportage !
    Pour celles et ceux qui comme moi qui n'ont pas eu l'occasion de s'y rendre, c'est formidable.

  7. Tes reportages sont magiques David et crois-moi, tout comme toi, j'ai envie d'y retourner:-)))
    Très bonne reprise,

  8. Merci pour ce Superbe reportage!!
    Allez! j'y retourne!!!!
    Bonne journée!

  9. Thank you for sharing your journey around the quilt show. It looks truly wonderful . Maybe one day I will be lucky enough to attend. I am looking forward to your post about the classes you attended. Kathy is the owner of the quilt shop where I attend classes, she is such fun. Brigette is also a tutor whose classes I have loved. Interesting that you say that you do not use a lot of Colours in your quilts, is that choice or confidence ?. Both of those girls will help you to add Colours and a sense of quirkiness. Great that Australia was well represented

  10. Merci beaucoup David pour ces superbes photos. Je ne me lasse pas de les admirer et pour moi qui n'ai pu me rendre à un si beau salon, c'est un excellent reportage, un peu comme si j'y étais:)) lol

  11. I really enjoyed all your posts of the quilt show David. What incredible talent and beautiful displays of textiles. What a treat to meet and share with such artists. I am looking forward to reading of the classes you attended.
    Thanks again for sharing,

  12. Bonjour David,
    Merci infiniment pour ce superbe reportage du salon de Nantes : pour la première fois depuis sa création, je n'ai pas pu m'y rendre, donc je guette sur mes blogs préférés les photos de ce salon. Tout avait l'air magnifique !
    A bientôt,

  13. Un grand merci pour toutes ces photos et ces reportages sur ce salon !!!
    J'espère pouvoir m'y rendre l'année prochaine....
    Bisous, bisous


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