A new project, a new blog ?

The back-to-school frenzy period is now behind and I can find time for quilting and stitching again. The first thing I did was to clean up my sewing room because it motivates me to surround myself with a peaceful atmosphere with all my cherished tools around me. It doesn't stay so tidy for long! When it's messy again, I just look at the photos.... trust me, it works ;-)

My blog is slowly coming to an end by lack of motivation. I have spent some time thinking about it and though I know that blogs are not a favorite media anymore and many people have moved to Instagram, I truly believe that blogging is a very different experience. It creates a very different type of relationship with your readers while being a self-development tool in many aspects. I still love my blog and when I see all the past posts, the photos, it does make me happy. It is a bit like a quilting life journal. So I do not want to let it die. But I need a new blog project, with new ideas and new goals.

That's why, I am thinking of giving my blog a fresh new start in a very near future. Maybe I will open a new blog on a different platform or change this one so it looks different. This new blog or new blog version will be about my passion for threads. Shall I also post about lifestyle, travel  and food or not? I would love your input about what you would like to find and what is important for you : text, photography? Would you like to see finished projects, projects in the making, step-by-step tutorials, discovering tools, books, artists, exhibitions? Do not hesitate to write in the comment section what you like in a blog, what you like reading, what you are looking for in a blog you follow.

Some people have asked me to write my blog in French rather than English. Would you prefer to have it in French, in both languages?

Posting everyday is just impossible for me as I work full time as a high school teacher. Posting once a month may not be enough. Would you prefer one post a week, one post every other week?

What about the name? Do you think I should change it? Any ideas?

Let me know what you think, I will note down and review all your ideas, opinions, comments in October and November and work on the new blog meanwhile.

I thank you all in advance for your comments ;-)

Wishing you a lovely fall season if you're in the northern hemisphere and a lovely spring for those down under :-)

Until later,


  1. I like your blog name, I know it is you. I like the English because I don’t read French but I can always use the Translation button, if you add it to your blog.
    I haven’t used my blog for over a year because of the problems Windows 10 caused with my photos. It just made it too hard compared to Instagram but I haven’t given it away, yet.
    I’m always interested in your threads,photos, experiences with sewing. Tutorials would be good and always helpful. Seeing how others work is exciting.
    Just keep on keeping on.

  2. Hola David, vivo en un pueblo de Madrid, España. Te sigo hace tiempo, aunque pocas veces te comento. Lo primero que te voy a decir, sobre el idioma. Tú publica en el idioma que te sea más cómodo, quién te quiera leer y no sepa el idioma, usará el traductor, como yo.
    Pienso igual que tú sobre los blogs, en ellos plasmamos algo de nosotros, en lo que escribimos, en las fotos que hacemos y sobre todo en nuestra bonita afición que es el patchwork. Instagram, es comparable con nuestro álbum de fotos.
    En cuánto a cambiar el formato, nombre y alojamiento, lo que hagas, hazlo sin perder la identidad de tu blog, este es cómo te conocemos. Otra plataforma, puede ser más elitista, pero la bloguera de blogger, no le será tan fácil seguirte.
    En cuánto a introducir mas temas en las publicaciones, me parece bien, éste tema también está en mis pensamientos hace tiempo.
    Espero no haber sido muy extensa en mi comentario. Un saludo

  3. I am always glad to see you post on your blog. I so enjoy following all of your sewing adventures, seeing your new projects and your fabric choices. I can read French so the language is not a problem for me. Hope to read more of your blog postings in the future.

  4. I do hope you continue your blog as I really enjoy your posts. I love that you write in English as my french is iffy, but do read other blogs that use the translate button. Thank you.

  5. Hello David, i always find it nice to read at your blog. Your enthousiasm is a nice tune. I always like to read about quilting but about travels or recipes is also fine. It gives ideas about other pssibilities. Tutorials is also fine as it adds to your knowledge and skills. So please go along. A nice hello from Holland

  6. Dont stop blogging! And please do keep it in english, i don’t respond often but i do always read your posts. As far as changing it, I think it is just fine the way it is now. Hard to change since we all know you under thus name.

  7. Bonjour David,
    Cela serait dommage que tu arrêtes de blogger.... J'ai beaucoup appris grâce à tes posts..... des recettes culinaires seraient sympa aussi ainsi que tes découvertes culturelles, voyages..... J'aime bien te lire en anglais.
    J'aime beaucoup apprendre alors de tutoriels je dis ouiiii et j'aime aussi voir les avancées des quilts au fil des mois avant de voir le final. C'est toujours enrichissant.
    J'aime aussi beaucoup apprendre sur les différents styles de vie.....Avec mon époux nous nous inspirons beaucoup du style de vie scandinave et nous sommes moins stressés et nous apprécions chaque petit instant de la vie.
    Je suis toujours heureuse de te lire et de relire certains de tes anciens posts. Bonne soirée.

  8. Hello from New Zealand. I enjoy blogs so much and find your personality shines through yours. Although my passion is for quilts, I think a variety of topics is always interesting and will continue to read yours whenever you post. Thank you for keeping it going - I just don’t understand instagram.

  9. I am a newbie just having found your blog this year. I find it very soothing to read in my language English. I love when you share the shows as I never would be able to see those things and through your eyes they are truly engaging. I like it because it is mostly about stitching and quilts - my two craft passions- and it does not go into food, etc. please don’t stop!

  10. To be honest I’ve been thinking about the same issue for a while. It seems like people moved on from blogging, not many are commenting any longer and I loose motivation to post. Although making a post was primarily for myself, it takes quite a lot of time to post nice photos and write text ( in my case in both Russian and English languages). I work full-time with a lot of overtime as an anaesthetic nurse and I am facing more and more often the problem of choice: it is either to make a blog post or to spend my little free time to stitch. I choose the second. The positive side is that we still have Instagram to communicate with each other despite it is very different. Well, it is life, we need to get used to some changes :)
    Now to your plans :) I love your blog as is, love to read about projects and new things and new books or teachers. I am very gratefull to you as I learned a lot here. So, I will be reading whatever you decide it to be, good luck with your choices :)
    P.S. I would prefer English, but if it is French I will refresh my school years skills in it LOL :)

  11. I like Reading youre blog. Because I am Dutch I prefer English. I do not speak/read French

  12. Hi David, J’avoue ne pas avoir toujours eu le temps de te suivre à chaque post mais ce que j’ai toujours apprécié c’est ce contact incomparable qui se dégage de ton blog. Ta générosité transparaît et je n’ai pu que t’apprécier plus encore. Quoi que tu décides sera le bon choix. English or not, same for me but to add a translation button would be a great idea. xx

  13. David, I have so enjoyed your work and would love to see more about life in France, how it compares to food, shopping for quilting fabric and threads and finding teachers as opposed to America, in both French and English.

  14. Please do continue blogging David and under the same name as we all know that is you and I imagine you in a cottage in France 'down the hill'. I too prefer English, but like the other ladies, can use a translate button if provided, which often produces hilarious translations. I love to see works in progress and of course finished items but comments about your day to day life, home and garden wouldn't go amiss either. Have a good day. Sandra

  15. Please continue!!! Love your blog, the name, the English language.... post when ever you want and how many times you can and have time for. Martine from Belgium !

  16. Bonjour David;je n'écris pas de messages sur ton blog d'habitude mais j'aime beaucoup venir lire en anglais pas de problème pour la langue;j'aime les différents sujets que tu évoques dans tes messages,j'aime bien sûr en priorité tout ce qui touche au patchwork mais j'aime la liberté que l'on a d'écrire ce qu'on veut sur son blog;j'espère que tu trouveras ta voie et je continuerais à te lire(tu n'auras pas forcément de commentaires à chaque fois mais s'il le faut ,je ferais un effort)
    passe une bonne fin de semaine

  17. David tu peux nous expliquer en français s il te plait. Merci par avance

    1. Je ne sais pas ce qui s’est passé... pour résumer je souhaite relancer mon blog et je demande à tous mes lectures ce qu’ils aiment lire dans mon blog, comment ils aimeraient le voir évoluer.... À suivre donc....

  18. Please don't close your blog.
    I LOVE seeing all of your beautiful work.
    You are so talented!

  19. Dear David,

    Love your blog whenever I receive it, even when many months have passed. It is just a valuable to me. True, it is a deeper medium than Instagram. It reflects you and that is precious. I prefer English, love your attention to detail, your love of this art, your projects, your introduction of shows, tools, notions, books, teachers. Please, keep up the good work with your family, your high school students, and you art.

  20. David, I really enjoy your blog with all your quilting projects. I took a break from writing my blog, too. Instagram is not very satisfying to me. I like to read quilt blogs to get to know other quilters and see the progress through making a quilt which helps me learn as a quilter. A blog is interesting because it includes the personality of a quilting friend even if that friend is miles away. Once a week entries are good; any less frequent and you tend to forget to do it!

  21. I hope you do not close your blog, aldough I don't comment much here, I always read your blog.
    I can't read french so I hope you will stay writing English.
    About changing your blog? I really like it how it is, it is clear and good to read. I like when you write about traveling, quilting, anything. Only post when you feel the need, no presure about posting once a week. i also post when i have time.
    So all I can say is, do not change too much ;-)

  22. Like many others here, I enjoy your blog in English, and I don’t take the time to comment, but I do still appreciate all your content. I don’t think you need to keep to one subject, either. If you include lifestyle and other topics, I’ll still enjoy it! Write as often as you like. Weekly makes me happy!! But I know how difficult it is to find time, so I’d rather have it less often than not at all!

  23. Love your blog any way you decide to do it. Why not also do instagram pictures when you’re too busy to blog. English or translate for me please.

  24. Please keep English but if want French - do both. I love reading your blog and am inspired by what you do. Please keep it.

  25. c'est toujours un moment de bonheur de vous lire. Il est vrai que je ne laisse pas souvent de commentaire mais l'ambiance, la qualité des articles et des quilts sont une source d'inspiration et d'encouragement. Si vous avez le courage de continuer j'essayerai de laisser un petit commentaire à chaque fois...Avec mes remerciements pour le travail déjà effectué jusqu'à ce jour.

  26. Hello david!
    I follow you a short time ago, but seeing the quality of your work, I think it would be a pity if you left the blog definitively.
    I thank you for what you share, because we can learn from it.
    particularmenet I like the design of your blog but it is true that you have to renew from time to time, like everything in life.
    I think a sewing and patchwork blog should be just that, although (I do it myself) from time to time, in some post it is nice to include some photos of trips or special events. We can not ignore our way of life either, so some brushstroke about it we always include it, sometimes unintentionally, in blogs, I think.
    But without losing sight of the basis of our blog, in my case the patchwork.
    I like to see in blogs tutorials, news related to patchwork such as Festivals or so, works done as quilts of different styles .... etc.
    I do not like Instagram or Fb, I think they are less personal networks than blogs.
    Whatever you do, I will continue to visit you. and if you take a break ... it's not bad either, we must not forget to live our lives, the one we take apart from the needles ..
    As for language, I have no problem doing it in French, English costs me a little more work.
    But I think it's important that you feel comfortable with the chosen language, with it your message is transmitted with greater force.
    Greetings and see you soon!!

  27. I love reading your blog and need it in English! Love the photos and story associated to each piece!

  28. N'arrete pas le blog svp. C'est un petit lien avec le patch en France....Pour la langue aucun probleme en anglais ou en francais. Toujours le bienvenu au Texas ou au show de Dallas!!

  29. Where to start? First, I love your blog and it is a wonderful way to chronicle your work. I like the blog name because I picture a lovely cottage located near a hill for occasional walks that is peaceful and conducive to creativity. If that is not true, please don't tell me. :0) I can't speak French but have no problems with clicking on "translate" so please do what is easiest for you. I am always inspired by seeing what workshops you attend or what you are working on because so many times I have not heard of the designers you are using. Any additions of cooking, travel, decor, etc. are just an added bonus. Good luck with your decision. You should enjoy it most of all!

  30. I appreciate the english. I am interested in in thread, projects and tutorials. I think you should follow your heart and we will follow you.

  31. Oh, David, no cambies de plataforma. Blogger me resulta más cómodo para ver entradas anteriores.
    Soy una gran fan tuya y todo cuanto nos muestras me encanta. Los tutoriales me parecen una idea estupenda!
    Como tú, pienso que los blogs son una experiencia distinta, más agradable, para visitarlos con calma y con mucho placer, te lo aseguro.
    Un gran abrazo.

  32. Bonjour David… moi, j'aime vous lire et surtout voir les si jolis ouvrages en cours ou finis qui passent sur ce blog… j'en aime l'ambiance aussi, mais c'est surtout pour les travaux d'aiguilles… En tous les cas, quelle que soit la décision : très bonne continuation et faites-vous plaisir… A bientôt...

  33. Hello David, as others have already stated, please don't end your blog or rather stop communicating your love of quilting, stitching and sharing the joy of your creativity. Our world is so full of negativity now, more so than ever it seems and I truly am delighted to see that one of your updates is in my mailbox to fuel my own creativity. I love all your photos of your work of course and marvel at your accomplishments but I learned about the marvelous Yoko Saito from your posts and so many other great quilters and crafts people and continue to be inspired by every one of your blog posts. Yes, I would definitely recommend an update to the platform, I see other quilters I've followed for years doing precisely the same thing as Instagram sets the trend towards a more visual form of communication. Having said that though, I for one really enjoy reading your thoughts and can genuinely feel your enthusiasm for what you love. I have only been to your beautiful country once, to Paris and would love to learn more about all aspects that you wish to share, food, arts and crafts as well as the gardens and seasons. I live on the west coast of Canada where we have very definite seasons reflected in our garden and I know that has an impact on what I quilt and craft so it would be interesting to see some of your wonderful photographs relating to your part of the world, in all seasons. Whatever you decide, please know that your current blog contributes a great deal to the community you have formed as a result of it and I hope you maintain the current blog at least as an archive for us to refer back to. Many thanks and best wishes for a wonderful future in quilting and blogging.

  34. I have missed your blog posts, David! I love everything: photos, text, WIPs, tutorials. I prefer English since the translation buttons on blog pages are literal and misses the syntax.Changing your platform maybe enough of a reboot for you. Your work is amazing and I appreciate the male point of view in this work that is female dominated. Instagram is nice but it engages the viewer for mere seconds.

  35. I am happy with once a month or maybe twice for you to post. You always include wonderful pictures and text which I know takes time. When blogs post too often, I tend to not read everything as it gets to be too much. I've found with instagram that the writers seem limited and we get mostly pictures with little description. If you want to change the name, I just hope I know what you change it to so I can follow! If I lived in France I would want you to write in French. I am in the US and know a little French and it's good to practice, but would be happy to use a translate button too. Please do whatever is comfortable for you and your family. It looks like all of us enjoy everything that you include.

  36. Same here David, same thoughts (well not on the language, please do not blog in French only, I think a lot of readers would just look at the pictures that way, I would not be surprised if most of your readers do not master the French language) . I love looking back at my blog, it is a bit like a diary for me, although mostly with the fun stuff of life, I am rather a private person so do not feel the need to share everything. But hey, looking back at the fun stuff makes me feel good. However, blogging takes time so I have decided to blog once a month now. Also because it does not really matter when I let things loose on the internet, time wise, if it does I use IG, which I love. Please keep blogging and also share with us things besides just your projects. Love to see them.

  37. I love reading your blogposts and hope you will continue to write. I enjoy your stories about classes you have taken or projects you are working on. My french is not very good so I hope you will write in english but otherwise I would use a translate tool.
    I do not comment a lot but love reading this blog and about the content I like it so far, but just write what you want, do not feel pressure to write about certain things.

  38. Oh, please don't stop your blog! For me, it brings me peace, inspiration and a much needed break when I savor your posts. I am in the USA and only speak English; I would be so sad if English were omitted, but I would understand. If possible, please keep an English version as well!

  39. I second all the comments above on keeping on blogging! My very best to you and your family, David!

  40. bonjour David ,
    Je suis heureuse que ta rentrée se soit bien déroulée et te souhaite une excellente année scolaire.
    Pour le blog , oh ! que de questions 🤣 ...donc voilà un pelé mêle de réactions :
    - je suis pour une version en français et une version en Anglais. Excellente méthode pour nous faire travailler nos langues étrangères 😉
    - j'aime instagram pour son côté impulsif mais je prefere le blog pour son côté réfléchi . ... je trouve le premier utile pour montrer ce que l'on fait à un instant T mais je préfère le blog pour mettre en valeur un ouvrage, detailler... Je trouve également que le blog est une fenêtre intime sur la personne, instagram me semble plus superficiel
    -concernant le contenu, je me suis souvent posée la question également pour finalement rester axee sur le patch. C'est difficile de devoiler des parties de notre vie privée sans tomber dans le style'journal intime" et où le melange des genres lasse parfois et expose davantage à la vindicte populaire.
    Deux bloggueuses réussissent très bien cet exercice, Posie gets cosy et Quilting with thé Past. Elles réussissent a nous ouvrir leur monde, tout en le protégeant.

    Bref, j'adorerais que tu nous concoctes un blog de travaux d'aiguilles sur tes ouvrages, tes projets, des tutos, des conseils, tes coups de coeurs, ton expérience, tes rencontres, ton materiel. Le tout agrémenté de jolies photos 🤗
    dernière réflexion : es tu reellement conscient du temps que cela va te demander au détriment de tes passions et de tes proches ? 🤔

  41. I always love coming to your blog and seeing little snippets of your work in progress. It's a treat to read how other people approach to this creative journey, however it feels best to them.

  42. Thank you for sharing your talents and creations. Always inspiring and refreshing.

  43. Comme toi j'aime beaucoup les blogs, les relations y sont différentes.
    Cela ne me dérange pas de te lire en anglais...
    J'aime beaucoup lorsque tu postes des en-cours ou des travaux finis.
    Oui... tu peux parler cuisine et voyage.
    Mon blog tourne au ralenti car je profite plus de mon temps... tenir un blog et écrire souvent un article demande du temps... j'en écris moins qu'avant et je poste plus facilement sur instagram.
    Bon week-end

  44. I just discovered your blog. Actually, whatever you choose, I think it will be fine. I would love it if you would write in both English and French, so I can refresh my schoolfrench ;-)
    Personally I love to see both work in progress and finished object. It's not only about the destination but also about loving the journey as well.
    The number of posts is irrelevant, it's just about appreciating to read a good post with nice photo's.

  45. Your ideas for a new blog are interesting. I would keep this one going though.. My friend started a new one and lost all the following that she had built up. English is best for me or both. I use Instagram but blogs are better for tutorials and recipes.

  46. Comme beaucoup, j'aime venir ici et découvrir.... en anglais, c'est très bien ; français/anglais aussi... alors, qu'elle que soit la nouvelle forme du blog, fidèle j'y resterai ! amicalement

  47. Hi David...enjoying your blog filled with your beautiful stitching/quilting - amazing. Would like to see more about food and lifestyle, as well. Blessings to you and your family.

  48. I love reading your blog. Your blog post on your trip to Japan was very interesting. Love seeing the progress on your quilts too. Instagram seems rather impersonal compared to a blog. Please keep blogging.

  49. Don't quit blogging. Please. As for me, what I like : LOTS of pics!!! Quilts and co ofcourse. I discovered Crib quilts because of you and bought that magazine in SMM because of you. And about to buy Yoko's book. Take care!

  50. I have enjoyed following your blog & seeing your beautiful creative work.
    I would be interested in of course your creative work, both in progress & finished, with tips along the way. Book reviews & introductions to other creative people would also be interesting. But, also I would like to see photos of the area that you live in, as not everyone gets the chance to travel to the otherside of the world. And for me English text would be welcome, as I don't read French.
    Thank you for sharing your corner of the world with us.

  51. Hi, David. I, too, love the name of your blog. It invites us right in and creates a feeling of actually visiting with you in your country, which I love, since I've always wished I could visit that part of the world.

    I highly prefer blogs to Instagram precisely because this platform offers the best combination of lots of great photos with good bits of text to go along with them. I greatly appreciate the back stories to projects, the tutorials or tips that people take time to put together with the photos, and the snippets here and there interjected about their homes, their real lives, and the people around them. I don't expect a blogger to keep strictly on a given schedule, but enjoy them when they appear - ideally once or twice a week is great, but even just a couple times a month is nice. We all know Life can interfere with blogging. I guess that's the attraction of Instagram, but that platform gets on my nerves at times. It feels like the only real objective there is for people to say "look at me! look at me!" without any nice depth to the sharing. So I hope you keep your blog going. :)

  52. Bonjour David,
    avec beaucoup e retard, je viens ajouter un petit commentaire.
    Je ne suis pas abonnée, j'aime "voyager" à ma guise, selon mes envies, mon humeur et mes disponibilités..
    Je viens régulièrement faire un petit tour sur le vôtre que j'apprécie énormément.
    Je n'ai pas lu tous les commentaires précédents mais une bonne partie et on ne peut pas ne pas remarquer une nette prédominance de l'anglais. Cela ne me dérange pas personnellement, au contraire, un peu de pratique ne peut que faire du bien !!!
    Ce que j'aime dans votre blog : c'est bien sûr notre passion commune : le patchwork. J'aime lire vos commentaires sur vos visites (Brouages ou Nantes) vos voyages (ah, le Japon, comme cela m'a fait rêver...). La différence avec Instagram, c'est surtout le "poids des mots" si vous me permettez d'employer cette expression. J'ai un compte IG et vais quotidiennement voir les actualités des personnes auxquelles je suis abonnée. Je regrette cependant, moi l'amoureuse des mots, "l'adepte" du slow-life, cet aspect éphémère et purement visuel de ce média... Une photo en chasse une autre, ce qui compte, c'est être présent... Mieux vaut donc limiter ses posts si l'on veut conserver l'appétit !!!!
    Alors, peu importe, le rythme des publications que vous choisirez sur votre blog, et le contenu qu'il vous plaira de partager, mais mon souhait, si vous le permettez, c'est que votre "cottage" en bas de la colline continue d'être ce bel espace dédié aux quilts & co !
    Bien amicalement.
    Annie (#quiltannie)

  53. I never commented before, only lurking and enjoying. Please keep your blog. It is as you say not only for others but also a chronicle. I am also blogging - and keep on doing so, because you can write more in a blog, it's there to stay and be found later. Suppying with instagram would maybe be an idea, but I personally don't think instgram will keep. And if you want French, then both French and English. I at least could not keep up with your blog in French (oh, maybe if you posted less than once a month ;) )

  54. Bonjour David.
    You have an amazing blog. I just found you today through Pinterest today.
    I understand the need for change. I once had a sewing blog, and I had so many wonderful friends. I miss it, and I look back through it, and I can’t beleive how much I accomplished, and how much stuff I accumulated!
    We moved 3 years ago, and so many changes happened in my life, that I let the blog go, but I would love to start it up again. Whatever you do, I hope it suits you, and your life. Your talents are inspiring to others.
    I will enjoy your older posts in the meantime!

  55. Je viens d'arriver sur ton blog, et j'aime ce que j'y vois et lis ! Français ou anglais, I don't care (mon blog est modestement bilingue, ça peut aider les lecteurs parfois). Je suis assez d'accord avec toi pour dire que le message n'est pas le même sur un blog que sur IG ou FB, et j'adorerais revenir te lire ici (ou ailleurs si tu change de plateforme !)!

  56. Hi David, like you I'm struggling to keep my blog going, but do want to keep it because like you said it is different from FB.

    I also use it myself as a quilting diary, if I want to know when I started a project or when things happened.

    Please keep going. French or English is fine. Mine is bilingual Dutch/English.

    So happy to have found your blog again.

    Kindest regards,
    Anne Marieke

  57. Hi David and Merry Christmas. This is the time of year I reflect on my quilting life, taking stock if what projects I want to tackle in the coming year. Your blog us like a breath of fresh air. I live in NW Canada,2 and also have a niece living in France. Hearing about the various exhibits you visit, techniques you choose to use in your work and your progress are especially if interest to me. And who doesn't like a good book review? I hope you keep your blog active as there are not as many quilters who persue applique, and now handquilting as well, so finding someone io like mind is wonderful. Let's face it, "in progress" means our quilting journey. Although it's wonderful to see a finished quilt, appliquer take much longer to that end point, so following ones' progress is where the action is.
    If you do decide to move your blog to another platform, pkease let us know where we can find you. In English please.

  58. Hi David. I’ve just discovered your blog today and it is overwhelmingly lovely. Please keep it going in any way you can. I don’t understand instagram’s attraction- it seems very superficial to me. Your blog is a delight and shines and inspires with the beauty of your creations and your writings about your life. Thank you.

  59. Hello David. Please keep blogging! like you my own blog gets very neglected but whenever I go in I ALWAYS have a look for you in my reading list. I love the things you write about, and the fact it is in English (I was a poor student and did not like learning french) As I read I imagine you sat in your 'little cottage' stitching away or pouring over your books. I do not 'do' instagram as im quite technophobic and if you go completely to this medium Im sure there are many followers who will miss you.
    regards Lorraine.

  60. Je viens de dècouvrir votre merveilleux blog. Il y a un moins, seulement. Il est ma lecture preferée chaque jour. Je desire vous dire "merci avec tout ma coeur". Votre travail est une inspiration pour moi, et votres photos lúnique forme pour fair realité mon desir du connaître les ateliers du quilters of Japan. I'm so sad because your blog is ending, but I understand it. Thank you very much for this blog and good luck in your new proyects. Muchas gracias por tanto que ha compartido con nosotros. Gracias por su generosidad.

  61. Bonjour David...cela fait bien longtemps! Je ne sais si tu liras ce message mais je désirais simplement te communiquer mon impression puisque tu te posés des questions au sujet de ton blog: Ne le supprimes pas, tu le regretterais beaucoup. Il est très sympa, passionnant ainsi et vu le nombre de commentaires, je ne suis pas la seule à partager cet avis. Non seulement, nous avons le plaisir de suivre tes créations mais aussi le compte-rendu de tes voyages. Instagram est un livre d'images, sans plus... un blog est un peu comme un journal qu'on a beaucoup de plaisir à relire. Je patche de nouveau après avoir fait beaucoup de broderie japonaise et écrit cinq romans policiers historiques sur la dynastie des Valois. Mes goûts sont éclectiques, j'en conviens mais la diversité est aussi très enrichissante. Peut-être est-ce le résultat d'une vie par monts et pas vaux... Belle continuation. Isabelle

  62. Je trouve désolant qu'autant de blogs ferment au profit d'Instagram. Je comprends qu'un blog soit chronophage, j'en ai un moi-même et j'avoue moins de fidélité à son écriture. Toutefois j'ai aussi Instagram et on n'y met pas les mêmes choses ni, surtout, l'on n'y dit les mêmes choses que dans un blog. Ici, j'ai le sentiment de faire connaissance, de passer du temps dans votre environnement. Sur Instagram, je ne séjourne pas : je feuillète les pages à toute vitesse, mets un coeur sur ce qui me plait mais ne me souviens pas forcément de qui c'était l'oeuvre; il n'y a aucune intimité ni aucun temps personnel passé sur Instagram. Donc, pour moi les deux sont nécessaires. Et, oui, j'aime mieux le vôtre en Français; certes Google peut traduire mais, parfois, la traduction est un peu.... bizarre ! ;-)


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